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Find articles about how Jewish Roots and New Testament Midrash can clarify and enrich our understanding of New Testament texts.  Find info about Ed's two Jewish Roots books here as well.  See the tab above to make your choices.

Daily Prayers

Written prayers don't have to turn into vain repetition  -- they can actually add variety and depth to your prayer life. Written from a conservative evangelical viewpoint.  Click the link at the top for daily prayers that can help reinvigorate your prayer life.

Read and Feed

Read through the Bible with a choice of four complete schedules or a highlight schedule.

Click HERE for more info!

Ed's Fun Stuff includes:

International recipe book of Vasicek cooking 

1920s and 30s Jazz Music done today...

And more...

Ed's newest book is a murder mystery!

Check out "Too Many Secrets" and see if you can figure out "whodunit?"  With a splattering of Christian perspective and even some midrash, this a a clean, light read.  Click HERE!


Ed Vasicek's Second Book, The Amazing

Doctrines of Paul As Midrash, is available

at Amazon as both a hard copy and kindle.

For The Amazing Doctrines hard copy,

click HERE . For The Amazing Doctrines

kindle ebook, click HERE.


Ed Vasicek's first "Jewish Roots" book is The Midrash Key, available from Amazon as both a hard copy and kindle ebook.

Here are the links:

The Midrash Key, hard copy HERE

The Midrash Key, kindle HERE

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