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August Prayers for Evangelical Christians

August Prayers


August 1

by Ed Vasicek




You are the great I AM. You are always what You are. Your intellect, emotions and will are not passing or transient, nor do they follow one another sequentially or develop. Your qualities have always been and always will be infinitely mature. You have no room for improvement or growth because You are infinite and absolute in all Your ways. You are not a God Who is a composite of Your attributes, yet Your attributes are not mere illusions but reveal different aspects of Who You are. Additionally anywhere You are present, You are present entirely. These things are hard to grasp. But we can understand it simply just by realizing that You are one unity. There are no dark and light sides to You but only light. There is no good and evil, only good.


Father, I remember the poor, sickly and downtrodden of this world. In some nations, the average person subsists on one percent of what the average American lives on and in many, many nations people live on between 3 and 7 percent of what Americans do. In many lands, the government does not recognize the rights with which You have endowed us. So, Lord, help these nations to become prosperity producing rather than maintaining the old status quo.


Lord, help me to bear up under the trials, disappointments, fears and tribulations of life including: __________________.


Thank You that the church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets (Ephesians 2:20). A foundation is only laid once and they did so. We now have that foundation in Your written Word, the Bible. Like the Berean believers, help us to use the Scriptures to prove whether a teaching is true or false.


Lord, keep me from being an impostor. May I truly know You, follow You, and accept the way you made me.


Lord, I pray for the Indian provinces of Jammu and Kashmir. Only about. .16% professes any sort of Christianity in this province of 9 million people. Thirty thousand people have been killed with 800,000 refugees as a result of the war with Pakistan. According to Operation World, "In 1990 there were but 12,000 Christians in 45 churches, many of which were nominal and either low-caste or immigrant in origin. Evangelical believers were a few thousand, but in the “90s their numbers doubled and churches increased to 167 in 1998." Lord, I pray that Your Spirit would work and the evangelical church would grow tenfold over the next five years. Grant safety, provision and the power of Your Spirit to Your children there, I ask.


Father, bless the ministry of World Impact, Inc., "a Christian missions organization dedicated to ministering God's love in the inner cities of America. Its purpose is to honor and glorify God and delight in Him in the inner cities by knowing God and making Him known. World Impact ministers cross-culturally to people unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, follow-up, discipleship and indigenous church planting. World Impact empowers urban disciples, training leadership for the advancement of the Kingdom of God." Prosper, protect and provide for this ministry. Grant its leaders harmony and empower the workers with Your Spirit resulting to fruit that glorifies You, O Lord.


Help me glorify You today, I ask in the name of my Savior, Amen.



August 2

by Ed Vasicek


Dear God,


You are spirit; You do not have a physical form. You are everywhere and cannot be restricted to a body. Even though You are spirit, You created both the physical and the spiritual and You called it all good. When sin infected the cosmos, it affected both the physical and spiritual realms. Through His death, Jesus provided a spiritual redemption (realized when we believe) and a physical redemption (realized when Christ returns).


Because You are spirit and not limited to body, any form of idolatry is offensive to You. You will not be misrepresented as though You could be localized or controlled. Even though You are spirit, You describe Your feelings, plans, or power in human terms, using human language so we can relate to You. You condescend to us. You even use examples of the animal kingdom to represent your perspective. For example, Your Word mentions finding shelter under Your wings (Ruth 2:12).


My heart is heavy for those struggling with substance abuse. Not only do such persons find themselves enslaved, but also their behavior affects other people. Lord, this epidemic of substance abuse is defiling so many minds of men, women and young people created in Your image. The mind is such a beautiful thing but it is also central to our being. People mess up their minds, mess up their lives and mess up the lives of those close to them. Father, I don't have an easy answer, but I pray You would work among those I know who have abuse problems. I may be aware of some situations while others might be hidden from me. And, please Lord, I know we are all vulnerable. Keep me from being enslaved, I ask.


Today I pray for the Asian nation of Singapore, a very wealthy nation with a high standard of living. I praise Your Name that 7.8% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Although church growth has slowed somewhat, the church is still growing and becoming more missions-minded. O Lord, please continue the wonderful work that You have started. May Singapore become a lighthouse for that part of the world. May the percentage of believers double over the next decade and may young people turn to Christ in droves, I ask.


Thank You for the great impact of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), "an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus Christ, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task and to training and equipping believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As citizens of God's Kingdom [believers] are called to love, worship and obey our Lord, to love and serve His Body, the Church and to present the whole Gospel for the whole man throughout the whole world. YWAM is broad-structured and decentralized with operating locations linked together by relationship, shared values, accountability to international leadership and a commitment to world evangelization." O Lord, continue to bless this vital ministry! Grant them workers harmony, the power of Your Spirit, provision, protection, great wisdom and fruit for their labor, I pray.


Guide me with Your wisdom today, I request in the Messiah's Name. Amen.



August 3

by Ed Vasicek




You are a social God, a God Who is socially gracious to mankind. You have given us the institution of marriage, of the home and of the government. Although evil is the ruining of the good and although this world has been ruined because of sin, there is still much good to be found in marriage, the family and governed society. Help me remember, that You, O God, formed these social foundations. They tell me much about You. Marriage involves being very close to another, yet only You, O Lord, know me fully.


Rearing children can give one a sense of purpose and being needed, but ultimately, my greatest purpose is to know, serve and glorify You. And although You do not technically need me, You did create me for a purpose. And government shows that You are a god of order. You want my life to be ordered by Your priority system, not by my neighbors.


Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: __________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Lord, help my church be harmonious. Keep antagonists, troublemakers and those who resent authority away from our congregation. Help my church to be effective in evangelism, discipleship, loving one another and world missions.


I remember parents. Lord. Parents are so important to those little ones entrusted to their care. May parents everywhere protect and train their children in humane and balanced ways. Help them to love their children, not to spoil them and to encourage them toward positive directions. We pray that Christian parents would prove to be consistent role models for their young ones. Send angels to protect them, I pray.


I remember the nations where persecution of Christianity is great. The number 6 through 10 nations are: Iran, North Korea, Vietnam, the Maldives and Bhutan. O God, please stop the persecutions there! Help the believers to be able to avoid persecution, to be strong when they cannot and may their persecutors come to know You!


I pray for the Hainan Province of China, with its nearly 8 million people. Thank You that about 4% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals. Thank You that the church has been doubling every year – praise Your Name! But, Lord, the Li people are not responding nearly as well. May the thousand or so believers among the Li be used of You to initiate the doubling process among them, I ask. May Your Spirit hover over this area bringing His regenerating power to hundreds of thousands more this year!


Thank You for the ministry of YUGO Ministries, "challenging North Americans with a vision for world missions through an inexpensive, hands-on missions experience in Mexico. [Their] focus is evangelism, training national believers and church planting. This is supplemented by programs providing shelter, food and education for the poor." Use this ministry to reach and disciple many. May You use this ministry to lead others into full-time mission work, I ask.


Help me to love You with all my being today, O Lord, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.


August 4

by Ed Vasicek


My Master and My God,


You are King over all the earth (Psalm 47:7). Although Satan is the "god of this world," the crucified and resurrected Christ has defeated him. Right now, You permit history to take its course, but all along You have been steering its direction toward its ultimate culmination when Jesus Christ returns to reign.


As both God and Man, He will reign over all the earth and of His Kingdom there will be no end. On day we will look back and sing, "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ and he will reign for ever and ever" (Revelation 11:15). You, O Lord, are King of the Earth.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Lord, troubled marriages are all around me. Often I am not aware of that. A friend at work, a neighbor, a relative. A mom with young children feels trapped and could use some time away with her husband, but no family is near or there are no trusted friends to watch the children; finances are tight and the tension high. A man or woman was reared in a messed up family and the baggage they bring into their marriage is destroying it. Long work hours, addictions, anger, violence, immorality – people all around us are struggling. Help us to be supportive in every way and help the marriages around me to get stronger, especially within my church family.


Father, teach me not only to forgive the repentant, but also to be able to ask for forgiveness. When I sin against another, help me not to justify or rationalize it, but to isolate my wrong from whatever wrongs may have been done against me. Help me to say, "What I did was wrong, please forgive me" and nothing more. If others have wronged me, help me to address that at a separate time. May I be good at knowing how to ask for forgiveness. And as I grow, may I have less to repent from!


Today I pray for the nation of Slovakia. Lord, only 1.5% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals. But I am grateful, Lord, that the evangelical church is growing even if at a slow 1.3% rate. Father, pour out Your Spirit on this land! Ignite the believers with holy zeal and great wisdom, use the Jesus movie, bless the youth outreach and help radio to effectively reach and help disciple many. Father, double the number of believers in Slovakia over the next decade; may You grant many the repentance that leads to life.


Lord, I remember Alongside Ministries. "For over twenty years [they] have worked with churches and leaders who have sought [their] help in several countries in Europe and North America. These include Albania, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Scotland and Canada and the U.S. [They] develop ministries wherever [they] have the resources and competencies to serve responsibly, as God calls...and where the needs of Christian witness are not adequately served." Help them establish and nurture good, solid churches that glorify You, O Lord.


Now use me to honor You today, in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 5

by Ed Vasicek


Precious Lord,


You are the God Who sanctifies suffering. We do not like to think of You that way, but Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, suffered both to atone for our sins and to set an example for us (1 Peter 2:21). Lord, I do not want to suffer. I do not want my loved ones to suffer. Yet, Lord, You created mankind knowing that our first parents would sin. You allowed sin to produce a greater good in the long run. Those of us who are redeemed in Christ will have it much better than Adam and Eve ever did. So also You bring sorrow, trials, or suffering into our lives to form us and make us godlier. I confess that I do not like this plan, but I acknowledge that all things work for the good to those who love You and are called by You.


Today I pray for parents of children who have gone astray, one painful example of suffering. Whether in the realm of premarital or extramarital sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, crime, violence, bitterness toward parents, abandoning the faith or in any other way, it hurts like nothing else can. O Father, may these children come back to You (if they truly know You) or come to You (if they do not). Lord, may the happy ending of The Prodigal Son be their experience as well, I plead.


I too need to address sin in my life. First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins, and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God).


Today I pray for the nation of Slovenia, a nation of the former Yugoslavia. There is little interest here, but literature, radio, the Jesus film and a new Bible translation are steady attempts to reach the people in this European nation of two million. Only. .2% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals – that’s one in five hundred! My God, please send Your Spirit to draw the masses to Christ. May the number of born-again believers increase tenfold to 2% within a decade, I ask.


I remember the American Leprosy Mission in prayer. Their mission is "to serve as a channel of Christ's love to persons affected by leprosy and related conditions, helping them to be healed in body and spirit and restored to lives of dignity and hope.... The ministry supports scores of projects in approximately 15 countries. Donor gifts provide training and transportation for leprosy workers, case-finding and diagnosis, physical and vocational rehabilitation, Christian encouragement, community development...." My Father, prosper this ministry of mercy. May many see the love of Christ and turn to Him, I pray.


I remember those who work as structural metal fabricators and fitters. Grant them safety; may they work honestly and help these workers take pride in their work. May those who know You shine.


Help me to reflect Your character in my life today, I request in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 6

by Ed Vasicek


Dear God,


You are the God of Peace. Lord, this world is never at peace. War, crime, abuse – hateful acts – peace is not a word I use to describe our cosmos. Lord, You are aware of all that is happening. You grieve over the consequences of evil, but You are still confidently at peace. You care, but You are not shaken. You have compassion with those who suffer, but Your Sovereign plan remains on course. You are certain of the outcome and completely secure. Thank You for sharing Your peace with me. I often need to rely upon it. I am shaken, unsure, perplexed and sometimes shocked. But You are the rock that is higher than I, a place of refuge for me.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Help me with my thought life today. Help me think positive and pleasant thoughts today, thoughts that please You.


Father, guide me and those I love. Help me to trust You with all my heart, to acknowledge You in all aspects of life and keep me from leaning upon my own understanding so that You may direct me (Proverbs 3:5-6). Grant my loved ones and me wisdom. Help us to live and make decisions in light of Your revealed will rather than our human emotions. Help us to distinguish between the spiritual and the emotional, not confusing the two.


Father, bless the work of Amor Ministries. “Amor Ministries is called by God to respond to the spiritual and physical poverty in the world. We respond through: partnership with the church, resources for the poor, and life-changing mission experiences.... Amor Ministries strives to create cross-cultural understanding through direct exposure to the Mexican culture while providing for the physical needs of the poor. This is accomplished through facilitating short-term house-building trips, maintaining a food bank and organizing donated goods.” Help these folks to share Christ’s Gospel as they share His love in practical ways. May Your Spirit draw many to Yourself through this work, including some future leaders for Your Kingdom.


Lord, I pray for the Kerala Province of India with its 33 millions people. This region has the highest percentage of professing Christians, with over 19% professing some form of Christianity. Yet perhaps only 4% of this population would claim to be born-again evangelicals. Lord, many professing to be Christians in this region consider themselves born as Christians. Few witness to the lost around them. O Father, may more of those who claim the name of Christ truly come to know Him and ignite zeal within them to share their faith with the lost in their region. May Your Spirit work mightily here, I pray. Since this is a wealthy region, a work of Your Spirit here could have great impact throughout the nation. O Lord, may this become a reality.


Now help my testimony to have an impact on others and burden me for my lost friends, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



August 7

by Ed Vasicek


God of the earth and the sea, the heavens and all that is in them,


I praise Your Holy Name. I praise You for being everything You are. You are not simply holy, just, righteous, merciful, gracious, loving, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, all-present – You are all these things and all at once. You are not the sum total of all Your attributes, but these many attributes describe what You are like. Through them, we learn to understand a little about You. You are independent from Your creation, yet You are intimately involved with it. You do not need us, yet we can bring You joy or grief. You are too marvelous for words, too infinite for us to fully grasp, too perfect for us to imagine.


Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today. I put on the full armor of God: the helmet of salvation to protect my mind, the breastplate of righteousness to guard my heart, the girdle of truth to protect my direction and footwear that helps me go to tell others about Jesus. To defend myself, I take up the shield of faith, the personal trust that is coupled to solid doctrine. And I go on the attack with the Word of God, my sword.


[for the married]

Lord, thank You for what marriage has done for our society and this world. Help my marriage to be a blessing. Guard it, put a hedge around it and help us to be determined to work out our differences with an unswerving commitment. Help us to respect one another, to talk to one another, to compromise with one another and to enjoy one another's company. Help us to work at our marriage, to nurture it, to go out together, to occasionally read a book to help us renew our marriage and to really understand one another. When I do not understand, help me to know this. Do not allow me to think that I understand my spouse when I do not. Never let an attitude of contempt or sarcasm master me.


[for the single, divorced, separated, or widowed]


Lord, I have to admit that sometimes life is lonely. Although friends and family enrich my life, sometimes I regret that I am alone. At other times, I appreciate it! Help me to appreciate the positives: time to focus upon You, freedom to come and go as I please and a less complicated life. Help me to participate in church and community. If I am left out, help me to avoid being sensitive about that. Remind me that this is usually not intentional. Many couples have no idea that I want to be included; their minds blind them to the reality that singles have social needs too. Help me to clearly express that I want to be included – rather than dropping hints. Lead me to a few good Christian friends of my gender to pal around with. Keep me from taking the stance of a victim.


Lord, I pray for the Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh states of India with their 62 million people. Well less than one per cent claim any form of Christianity and of that small percentage, most are not evangelical. Yet, Lord, reports indicate that churches are being planted and that You are beginning to work in greater ways. According to Operation World, "This state was one of the last to open up for missions with slow response to the gospel until recently. It is strongly Hindu with stern laws limiting conversions to Christianity.... Thousands of tribal peoples have been forced to renounce Christianity.


The whole state is a pioneer mission field, but is becoming more responsive." O, Father, may many in this area come to know Christ. Grant millions here the repentance that leads to life, I ask.

I pray for my home church today and the missionaries it supports. Help my church to follow the teachings of Your Word and may its missionaries be true to the Gospel. Protect and provide for them, I pray.


Lord, most of us struggle with lustful thoughts or temptations. Some of us are tempted toward physical infidelity. Some struggle with sexual identity. Many struggle with pornography. Help us, O Lord, help us to be content with our station in life and with the gender You gave us. Help us set up safeguards to keep us from falling, and help us avoid situations that might tempt us. Help us correct ourselves according to Your Word and to be faithful to You. You are a gracious God and You know our struggles. Help us to focus on You, not our sins or our wrongful desires.


Now help me remember that You have called me to serve You; help me live accordingly this day, I pray in the Savior’s Name, Amen.



August 8

by Ed Vasicek


Merciful Father,


You have been so good to me. If evil is the spoiling of the good, then all the good that comes to me comes to me despite the spoiling nature of sin and the curse. Every good gift is from above, from You, O Lord. Although the term “good” does not describe all You are, You are always good. You always act justly or graciously. My life is not always good, nor do I always see justice around me. But, Lord, many things in the short term are not as they seem. Help me to remember the big picture and the final results of it.


Lord, I am thankful for many things, three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Lord, I know the church gathers so that believers can build one another up in their faith, the result of this is spiritual maturity as seen in faith, hope and love. I know it is my job to encourage other believers to do good works and to walk with the Lord. Help me to view a church meeting as a place to minister and give help to others, not just a place for me to receive. Help me to become a more mature Christian. This does not happen in giant leaps but by small baby steps. Help me make those steps. I also pray for the following friends or relatives, that they do would grow a little more every week: __________.


Lord, I remember the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. “Sumatra is the largest unevangelized island on earth. Most of its peoples are staunchly Muslim. If it were a nation, only 9 other nations would have more unreached peoples. Sumatra is the home of 52 known unreached people groups consisting of 25 million people. Of the 52, 48 have no indigenous churches and 34 of them have no known gospel workers” (from the Operation World website). Evangelism was allowed among the animist peoples and many of them have come to know Christ, thus bringing the percentage of people who profess some sort of Christianity to over 10%. Thank You, Lord, for the great response among the animist groups; now, O Lord, may Your Gospel penetrate the Muslim population.


Thank You for Aurora Mission which "is an evangelical, conservative, nondenominational mission agency whose purpose is to communicate the Gospel with the goal of evangelizing, discipling, establishing churches and providing training for pastors and church leaders." O God, please bless this ministry to Italy, another of Europe’s "post-Christian" nations. May Your Spirit grant many persons the repentance that leads to life and start a massive movement toward You. Provide for the missionaries, empower them by Your Spirit, grant them harmony, wisdom, protection and much fruit for their labors. Soften hearts and regenerate multitudes, I ask.


Help me serve You today, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


August 9

by Ed Vasicek


Great King of All,


You are a holy God; You are to be feared. When Moses saw the burning bush, he had to remove his sandals, for he was on holy ground. When Uzzah tried to steady the Ark of the Covenant with his hand, You smote him. When You gave the Law, nothing was allowed to approach the holy mountain. When Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit, they dropped dead. You are a holy God and woe to them who fail to respect You. Lord, You are to be feared, but I am to grow to be more like You, and You are also a social God.


Thank You, Lord, that I too need others to be happy and fulfilled. Sometimes I feel lonely and alone; help me not to cower in a corner, but help me to jump into my church, neighborhood and community. You made me social, just as You are social. Help me nurture that part of my being and not stifle it in fear.


Help me remember that our church is a body and that I have a part to play. Help me to be forbearing, to confront when necessary and not to be touchy. Help me maintain a realistic view about human nature – even among the regenerate – so that I do not hold false expectations that will be frustrated.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Lord, I pray that You would protect my loved ones and I throughout our lives. Send guardian angels to watch over us, I pray. Keep us from harm and evil of all kinds.


This day I pray for the Pacific nation of the Solomon Islands. Thank You that over 34% of the people claim to be born-again evangelicals! As the nation tries to get itself together after 20 years of war, we pray that the Christians would lead the way and consider the best interests of all. Many of the island pastors are not trained adequately and some of them have brought disgrace to the Gospel. We pray that You would strengthen the pastors, help them seek and find training and help them lead their flocks as you would have them led. Bring a new revival to this land, I ask.


Thank You, Lord, for the ministry of BEE International. "Twenty-five years of ministry have uniquely equipped BEE International to respond to the historic opportunities throughout the world today. Studies indicate that over 90% of the world's theologically trained church leaders live in North America and Western Europe. Statistics suggest that 2 million pastors outside this area have not had any Bible training at all."


"BEE International began in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They continue to work in these countries with nationals taking more and more of the responsibility for the ministry. With growing needs for training in other parts of the world, [they] are poised to expand this type of servant-leadership training." O Father, help them, provide for them, guide them and empower those who minister through BEE so that they are completely successful in accomplishing what You have for them. Grant them harmony and great fruit, I ask.


Help me to bear fruit for You, I pray in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.



August 10

by Ed Vasicek


You Who Reign Forever and Ever,


I am overwhelmed by Your power. You humbled proud King Nebuchadnezzar. You struck him with insanity so that he thought he was an animal. He ate grass for a period of seven years until his humbled mind returned to him. You ordained the powers that exist, even though they have been marred by the fall. You even created Lucifer as a holy angel until he and his allied angels fell into sin and became demons. When some of these angels sinned before the Flood, you imprisoned them until the final judgment. You have the keys of death and hell. We humans cannot even make a single living cell; You made all creation with its marvelous complexity and unfathomable engineering.


First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God).


Lord, strife within families is awful. Please bring together members of our families. Soften hearts. We pray that those offended would be gracious, yet not naive. We pray that the offenders would be repentant. We know some situations can never be repaired, but we pray that many relationships would be reconciled.

Lord, help me to be a good manager of my time. I do not want to live the hurried lifestyle, but I need to be efficient in some areas that I might have more relaxed times later. Enlighten me as to how I might do this.

Father, the African nation of Somalia is a mess. It is a lawless land with warlords fighting for territory. The economy is devastated and seemingly beyond repair. Because the nation is 99.95% Muslim, missionaries cannot work there. Thank You for the few hundred “underground” Christians; strengthen them and may they wisely share their faith. Work in the land as only You can, O Lord, for this is truly an impossible situation. Only You can do the impossible and I ask that You would!


Thank You, my God, for Blessings International, "a non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate suffering and provide medicines worldwide by facilitating relationships that promote health." Thank You that they have been providing medical supplies for 24 years, have been involved with disaster relief, AIDS clinics and church relationship development. They work in nations like Southern Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Liberia, North Korea and with Tsunami relief. O Father, bless them as they share Your love. May others see Christ in them and may many come to Christ through their example of compassion, I ask.


I pray for those who work as carpenters. Grant them safety, help them to do their work well and may those who know You boldly share their faith with their coworkers, I pray.


Now help me be a good testimony to You, I ask in Christ’s Name, Amen.



August 11

by Ed Vasicek


My Heavenly Father,


You are a God Who has purpose. You have direction, a goal and a destination to which You direct history. Although life may sometimes seem aimless or random, You have a goal: to bring glory to Yourself. You, Father, seek to glorify the Son and the Spirit, Who in turn seek to glorify You and One Another. And we are wrapped up within this triangle of love. As this linear experience of history reaches its climax, You will be glorified in unique ways: a glorification unique to Your plan. As a result, we best serve You – and ourselves – when we live our lives for and to Your glory!


Lord, my Savior died on the cross for many reasons, but Paul tells us, first and foremost, for my sins (1 Corinthians 15:3). Although this is of first importance, Christ died for many reasons: to provide for a new heaven and earth without the curse, to defeat Satan, as an additional condemnation for those who do not believe the truth, to demonstrate Your love for me (Romans 5:8) and also as a pattern for me to follow (1 Peter 2:21).


Because I follow Christ, my sufferings in life provide me with a unique fellowship with my Savior, Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:10). Even Christ did not seek suffering, as He prayed in Gethsemane for the cup of Your wrath to pass from Him if possible. But since it was Your will for Him to suffer, He endured the cross. So I also do not want to suffer at all. But when I do – whether emotionally or physically – help me remember that I am in special fellowship with Christ, as painful as it may be.


I pray for my lost friends and family members, including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


Today I pray for the Hebei Province of China with its 67 million people. Lord, the Chinese government has been exceptionally harsh and aggressive about persecuting Christians in this area. The suffering has been awful. Perhaps 2% of the population is evangelical Christians. O Lord, may the Chinese government stop persecuting Your children. Rise up, O Lord, and put a new spirit in the government leaders. Help the number of born-again evangelicals to double over the next five years, I ask. Give the believers wisdom as to how to avoid persecution and yet share their faith. Protect them, I ask, and empower them with Your Spirit.


I remember the Caleb Project before You, O Lord. "For more than 25 years [they] have been a resource for the global church, providing media tools and training experiences to equip the body of Christ for strategic ministry to unreached peoples (with focus on the 10/40 Window and tribal, Hindu, nonreligious, Buddhist and Muslim religions).... Caleb Project is a resource for the global Church providing media tools and training experiences to equip the body of Christ for strategic ministry to unreached peoples “videos, books, prayer guides, short-term trips, the Perspectives courses, speakers, seminars and newsletters...." Lord, bless this resource to the Body, grant them harmony and effectiveness to Your glory, I ask.


Now help me to be a Christian who makes a difference, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 12

by Ed Vasicek


Great King of the Universe,


Thank You that You are the God Who protects us. Psalm 91, a Psalm of protection, gives us an example of Your protection when it is Your will to do so: "If you make the Most High your dwelling – even the LORD, who is my refuge – then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" (vs. 9-11). Sometimes You remove Your hand of protection and other times Your protection is limited. Satan was allowed to bring disaster upon Job, but only within limits. We cannot see the angels You send to guard us, or the disasters that would overtake us had You not exercised Your divine veto.


Lord, You have a goal, a purpose for my life. You want all of Your children to bring You glory, but You do this in differing ways. Help me to reflect upon Your purpose for my life. Help me to nurture my spiritual walk with You by spending time in Your Word, in prayer and in fellowship with other Christians who are serious about serving You and building up Your Kingdom.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Lord, I am thankful for many things, three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today. So, Holy Spirit, stir me up, motivate me and continue to conform me to the character of Jesus Christ. Change me day by day, little by little.


Lord, help me to become more dependent upon You to help me do what I cannot do alone. Help me become a person of faith, a person who trusts You with the details of life. Help me view my life as an adventure with You and to be willing to walk through those open doors. Do not allow me to cower in the corner, strapped by fear.


Today I pray for the Republic of South Africa. Thank You that over 19% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Additionally, there are many born-again believers in non-evangelical denominations. Thank You that, although the society has left its Christian morality, the true Christians are growing in strength and numbers. We pray not only that the growing number of believers would improve the moral climate, but also that they might win many to the Kingdom of God by the power of Your Spirit! Help the church to minister to those suffering from AIDS and help the believers to exemplify Christ-likeness.


I praise You, O Lord, for Children of Promise International, "an interdenominational Christian mission organization dedicated to three areas of ministry: Caring for orphans and widows through church-based orphan homes, reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting and providing for needy children through feeding and nutrition programs, free schools and higher education opportunities, and family assistance." O God, bless this ministry as they serve You.


Please help me remember that You are there for me today, I ask in the Messiah's Name, Amen.



August 13

by Ed Vasicek


Almighty Father,


Thank You that You are completely free from outside pressures. The limitations of humanity and being created pressure me toward certain decisions or behaviors. Society pressures me. Sometimes the pressure is positive and helps me conform to what is right; sometimes it is negative and tempts me toward what is wrong. But You, O Lord, are independent. No one or nothing outside of Your being can force You or coerce You to change Your mind. That is why, when I pray, I ask; I dare not demand. That is also why I ask "according to Your will." It is not that I think You cannot deliver, but rather that I am aware that You are God and I am not! In Gethsemane, even Jesus prayed for Your will over His own leaving a vivid example.


Lord, help me trust You with my very life. In life, I have experienced many disappointments. People have lied to me, made promises they failed to keep, or let me down when I needed them. In addition, I have sometimes felt let down in the Christian life. I have at times doubted Your goodness or Your concern for me or Your ability or willingness to meet my needs. I have also confused my needs with my wants. I recognized that the problem is with me, not You. And I know Your ways are higher than mine.


On the other end of things, You have often given me more than I asked for. You have blessed me so greatly that I have come to assume my blessings and forget Your hand that brought them to me. I have become spoiled, accustomed to Your gracious provision. When all is said and done, I must say I am confused. I only know this: that You will accomplish Your purposes for me and that the obvious path is not always the path You have for me. It is, after all, first and foremost about You, not me. Yet as Your servant, You watch out for and provide for me. Thank You, Lord!


Father, I continue in prayer for China. I have been praying for some of the provinces there and I remember the Henan Province with its 95 million people. Thank You that perhaps 10% of the population in this area know You; please multiply the believers and stop the government persecution, I ask.


Lord, I pray for China Ministries International, Inc., a ministry "dedicated to the evangelization of the Chinese people particularly those living in Mainland China and to the building up of the Chinese Church. CMI conduct a number of programs, including the Christianity and China Research Center (CCRC) which conducts ongoing research. CMI produce a number of publications aimed at informing believers worldwide about the situation of the Church in China and to stimulate prayer. In addition, CMI recruits Chinese pastors, elders and deacons from overseas who can go to China to give 2 to 3 weeks of Biblical teaching...[and] equips Chinese evangelists and pastors through radio broadcasts, literature and training programs." O Father, You are working mightily in China. Use this ministry to further Your kingdom. Provide, protect and empower, I ask.


O Lord, lead me into Your perfect will for this day. I submit to You in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 14

by Ed Vasicek




Thank You that You are always aware and monitoring our needs. Thank You for Your heart of compassion; Your emotions are always part of Your relationship with us. You are not some austere and distant God, nor are You some sort of divine computer. Like us, You have intellect, emotions and will. Unlike us, You know ALL to the minutest detail; You see the mites that live on the mites and the single cell creatures and the molecules and the atoms and the parts of every atom and beyond. If we go the other way, You see the vast universe. You have the entire spectrum of feelings and while You are rejoicing with me, You are the sharing the grief of another. You completely amaze me!


I pray for my pastor, staff and church board leaders, officers and teachers. If any do not know You, may they become born-again. Help them to be true to the Bible and to put Your Word over their own personal agendas. Help them to have genuine integrity, Biblical convictions, love, wisdom and courage. Help them put their walk with You first, their families second and their ministries third. Do not allow others to intimidate them into neglecting their families and remind them that "the fear of man works a snare." Help them be most concerned about pleasing You while also seeking peace and harmony within the congregation.


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: __________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: __________.


Lord, help me to be known for wisdom and sense. You are able to give me discretion as I study Your

Word, especially the Book of Proverbs. In an age when people follow their feelings, help me to shine with Your wisdom instead.


Lord, I pray for the nation of Spain. With its history of Inquisition and intolerance, the evangelical church has been small in Spain. Thank You that this is changing. Although only. .4% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals, this represents a significant growth from the mere 3,000 believers in 1900 to nearly 100,000 today. Thank You for the growth! Lord, help the evangelical church in Spain to triple over the next decade! Help the evangelical church in Spain and other Christians from outside to thoroughly evangelize this nation. May Your Spirit grant many the repentance that leads to life.


Today I pray for the ministry of China Partner, Inc., "established to serve the Church in China as it fulfills the Great Commission.... CP is unique in that it works with the registered churches and seminaries in China.... CP exists to help build up and equip the Church in China. This is accomplished by working in four main areas of ministry: pastoral training...Christian literature distribution program...China conferences...[and] Bible school and church construction." Father, provide for this ministry and although the registered churches are restricted by the government, help those who know You and participate in these churches to grow in their faith and share Christ effectively, I ask.

I remember those who work as water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators. Bless them with safety, help them to do their work with integrity and may those who know You share their faith and walk the walk.


Help me to walk the walk today, in the Messiah's Name, Amen.



August 15

by Ed Vasicek


Mighty God,


Thank You for Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah. He did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it. Thus Biblical Christianity is rooted in the Old Testament. We believe in One God Who created heaven and earth. We believe that when the first man fell into sin, all creation was cursed. We believe in the promised Messiah Who would be called The Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6), Who existed from eternity past (Micah 5:2), Who would be rejected by His own people, die as a sacrifice for sin, would die among the wicked but be buried in a rich man’s tomb and after dying, see the light of life through His resurrection (Isaiah 53). His death would justify us and satisfy the Father.


Even though there are false Messiahs being preached and false Gospels, the true Gospel has complete continuity with the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures. What I believe can be connected backward to the very beginning of creation.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________.


First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God.).


Lord, help me to be a compassionate listener. Keep me from interrupting or offering solutions when another simply wants me to listen. I can offer my advice afterward or at a later time if it is wanted. Help me to listen to others as an act of Christian love.


Help me to know how to have good clean fun. Help me remember that You have given to me all things richly to enjoy, and that there is a time to laugh. Yet not all forms of fun are wholesome, so let me use discernment and balance.


Lord, today I pray for the Asian nation of Sri Lanka with its 19 million people. Thank You that 1.5% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Although this is a relatively small percentage, it has grown from. .36% since 1980, thus the percentage of believers has grown 500%. At the same time, liberal Protestantism has greatly declined. Buddhist majorities have sometimes persecuted Christians. Father, may such persecution stop. O Lord, keep the church growing at the same or higher rate, I pray. May those in the unreached people groups be reached, I ask. May the Gospel permeate this society and may You grant many the repentance that leads to eternal life.


I pray for Christ For India which “exists to fulfill Christ's Great Commission to India by training nationals as pastors and evangelists, establishing native churches, providing humanitarian aid, educating India's future leadership.” O Lord, provide, protect, empower and grant harmony to this ministry. May the workers bear much fruit for Your glory, O Jesus.


Bless those who work as architectural and civil drafters. May they do their work well, design projects with safety in mind and may those who know You testify of Your goodness.


Help me to bless Your Name today, I request in the Name of the Savior, Amen.

August 16

by Ed Vasicek


Great One,


Even though You are Three Persons, You are One God. You have one purpose, one plan and one direction. The Holy Spirit will never lead us in a way that conflicts with the Father or Son. The written Word of Scripture will never contradict the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Spirit Who inspired the written Word according to the will of the Father. Lord, in this life we deal with organizations or families where we cannot get a consistent answer. But You are One God with one plan and one set of values.


Lord, Your word says, "A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself, but the heart of fools blurts out folly" (Proverbs 12:23). O Father, help me not to be a bragger or a showoff. Instead let time and wisdom help others form a true opinion of me. Remind me that "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe" (Proverbs 29:25). Although I should care about my deportment and my manners and I should consider other people, I have a freedom in Christ. My self-esteem comes from being in Christ, not just from impressing people. May humility be my trademark, I ask.


Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: _________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Lord, the pressure to conform to the world’s values – especially sexual and moral ones – is great. Help me to remain staunchly committed to You. I may, at times, feel like I am standing alone, but You are with me!


Lord, make me to hunger for Your Word. Like the Psalmist, may I have this mentality, "Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors" (Psalm 119:24). O Father, You went through great effort to get Your Word to us; many have died to preserve it and missionaries give their lives to translate it while scholars have worked to make it intelligible in our language. But all this is in vain if I do not read and study it. Only You can create an appetite for Scripture in my heart although I can nurture it or subdue it. I need Your Spirit to open up its meaning and to help me apply it.


I praise You for the believers who live in the African island nation of St. Helena. Although 5.2% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals, the church there is on the decline. Churches are elderly the young people are into materialism. O Father, spark a revival in the church there and may the church buildings be filled with young people who are eager to serve You! You can do this by Your Spirit, we have no doubt. We pray that You would.


I remember Christ For The Island World, a ministry that has been "planting churches using nationals since 1983. [They] are currently assisting in several regions of Indonesia among the Hindu, Muslim and Animist people. [They] also have similar work in Russia and Ukraine that was started in the 1990s." O Father, prosper, bless, empower, protect, grant harmony and provide much fruit for this ministry! May they glorify You as they lead others into Your Kingdom.


Help me to glorify You today, I ask in the Savior's Name, Amen.



August 17

by Ed Vasicek


My Father,


You control what seems to be chance for us. Our uniqueness was determined when our parents' genes came together and were shuffled. Yet Proverbs 16:33 says: "The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD." According to Psalm 139:16, even our development in the womb is under Your jurisdiction. In Exodus 4:11, we read, "Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the LORD?" So, Father, if we like how You made us or dislike it, we have to believe You have a plan, a plan so complicated that sometimes we have no clue as to what it is You are trying to accomplish.

Lord, I have some disappointments and burdens in life. A few of them hurt me and have left scars including: __________________. I turn them over to You. Help me to find Your purpose and joy in life. There are many things I cannot change, but I can share all my thoughts with You. You are a God Who feels with me. You help me to go on and grow and direct my attention elsewhere while, at the same time, not pressuring me to "get over it."


Lord today, I especially remember those looking for a job. Open doors of opportunity and match the right person to the right job. Especially help those who work with integrity and have good character to find employment.


Also, dear Father, help me to handle my finances well. Guide me when it comes to saving, giving and help me know when to say no. Help me control my money under Your guidance; please, do not let money control me.


I pray for the Heilongjiang Province of China with its 38 million people. Lord, many of the people in this region are Shaministic or Buddhist, but thank You that perhaps 4% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals. Thank You that house churches are growing. Yet there are few trained Christian leaders in this region. In addition, the Mongolian and Altaic people in this area are less reached. Father, pour out Your Spirit on this region. May the number of believers double in the coming decade, I ask. Provide leadership opportunities to train solid pastors, I ask.


Father, please bless the ministry of Christian Associates International as they seek "to reach the unchurched through the multiplication of high-impact leaders and high-impact churches.... [They] desire is to see God work powerfully in...the cities of Europe and the world." Grant them harmony, help them remain faithful to the truth of Your Word, protect and provide for them and grant them an abundance of fruit to Your glory, I ask.


I pray for those who work as auto service technicians/mechanics. Help those who know You to shine and share and may all be men and women of integrity, I ask.


Now, Lord, help me to a person of integrity today in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 18

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Lord,


You are the God of the paradox. Many who shouted "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" later repented and believed, saved by the One Who was crucified for them! You reveal Yourself to those not considered wise in the eyes of society, but hide Yourself from those who are lauded by the masses. If we want to find a meaningful life, we must lose ourselves in You. When we are weak, then we are strong, for we trust all the more in You. You demand complete and total holiness if we are to be right with You, but You provide that holiness and perfection by putting us in Christ so that we are clothed in His righteousness. You are Lord of the paradox.


Lord, help me to bear up under the trials, disappointments, fears and tribulations of life, including: __________. Let me remember that You are developing my faith and that You often use difficult times to make me stronger in You. Though I admit that I usually hate such trials, I do appreciate what You have done in my life through them. My choice is to go through them with You or without You. I will go through them either way. I choose to go through them hand in hand with You.


I remember parents. Lord, parents are so important to those little ones entrusted to their care. May parents everywhere protect and train their children in humane and balanced ways. Help them to love their children, not to spoil them and to encourage them toward positive directions. We pray that Christian parents would prove to be consistent role models for their young ones. Send angels to protect them, I pray.


Lord, the Maharashtra State of India with its 95 million people needs the Gospel. Perhaps. .2% of the population is evangelical Christians. Although their numbers are small, they are growing, for which I praise You. Hindus who have passed – anti-conversion laws – and used other means to persecute religions other than their own control the local government. Although many of the older churches are weak and not as effective as they should be, new churches have brought new life in the realm of outreach and zeal. Bless these new churches and revive the old ones, I ask. Multiply the number of believers in this State, I pray.


Father, prosper the ministry of Christian Life Missions, an “organization...whose sole purpose is to meet the challenges and existing needs of peoples throughout the world while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the provision of goods, services and relief efforts to various nations, CLM has a vision to impact these areas which...are strategic in affecting world history towards the cause of Jesus Christ.”


Bless those, O Lord, who work in the fields of bookkeeping, accounting, and/or auditing. May they work conscientiously and help those who know Christ freely share their faith.

Help me to share the good news with someone soon, I ask. Open the doors and help embolden me to walk through them. I give my day to You, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



August 19

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Lord,


Thank You for saving us by Your grace. Certainly if we were forgiven and saved on the basis of our works, none of us would be able to stand before You, for all our good deeds are like filthy rags before You (Isaiah 64:6).


David knew You, but he fell into awful sin. He coveted a woman and committed adultery with her. Then he had her husband murdered through his general; he left the dirty work to another. King Ahab, who did not know You, also coveted. He coveted Naboth’s vineyard, but he did not commit adultery. Yet, he too had a man murdered. His wife set things up for Naboth’s murder; this king also had another one do the dirty work. You worked repentance in David’s heart and David repented. His relationship was restored. But Ahab did not repent and died having never been forgiven, as far as we know. Lord, to know You, to have a relationship with You is everything that really matters in my life. To miss knowing You is the greatest tragedy of this life and the next.


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


I pray for the elderly, sickly and shut-in including: __________________.


Help me to be an alert Christian, Lord. I do not want to be numbered among those who value peace so much that I keep my head in the sand or deny undesirable realities. No, I need to understand how I am led into sin, how the devil tempts me and to have answers for the questions people are asking. I need to read, study and tool up as one of Your workers. I can neither rest on my laurels nor live in the past, for You have placed me in today's world. That means You want me to address today's challenges. Help me to be brave and to do so, I ask.


Lord, the Latin American island nation of St. Kitts-Nevis is a challenge. Drugs and all sorts of illegal activities are characteristic on St. Kitts, but the folks who reside on Nevis tend to be godlier. Thank You that almost 23% of the people claim to be born-again believers, but response to the Gospel among the unsaved seems particularly poor. May Your Spirit sweep over these islands and may the number of believers grow by 50% over the next decade and may believers be noted for their spiritual depth and consistent lifestyle, I ask.


Father, please bless the work of Christian World Outreach. "The mission of Christian World Outreach is to participate with the body of Christ in responsible evangelism, to bring dignity, self worth and encouragement through leadership development and to meet the physical needs of people through humanitarian assistance." Bless their work in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Empower them, grant them harmony among themselves, provide for them, protect them and give them great fruit for their labors, I ask.


Now, Lord, help me to serve You faithfully today, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.



August 20

by Ed Vasicek


Dear God,


You are not a foreman or a slave-driver trying to get as much work out of us as You can. You do not need us, but You take pleasure in using us. You love it when we are freely motivated to serve You because we love You. Indeed, you have ordained that Your children should be characterized by good works (Ephesians 2:10). So You have work for us to do in the realm of ministry and service.


You want us to love You, but You also want us to love others. You want us to use the spiritual gifts You have given us to constantly “prove” what Your will is (Romans 12:1-2) and to view life as a series of opportunities to serve You in a variety of ways. Slave driver, no. Assigner of work, yes. Help us to gladly report for duty realizing You are the one Who creates the desire in us to serve You. Some of us can remember a time before we knew You, when all we thought about was ourselves. We marvel that You have so changed us that it is now not just about us but about You and others too!


Father, we pray for race-relations in our land and throughout the world to improve as we learn to respect one another’s humanity and dignity. Quell tensions and help the world to stop pointing fingers. May we all live in such a way to earn the respect of others, and help each of us to make great effort to be fair toward others.


Lord, help me to carve out some time to contemplate Your Word and Your will for my life. Help me to examine my heart, to check in with You and see how good I am doing. Help me to take the time to realign the priorities of my life to accomplish Your will for me, not necessarily my own. When I find that I am really not willing to make changes that I know You want me to make, Lord, I am willing to be made willing.


Lord, I am thankful for many things, three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God.).


Today I pray for the Latin American island nation of St. Lucia. Thank You that 12.3% of the population claims to be born again and evangelical. At the same time, many Christians are nominal in their faith with 80% of all children born out of wedlock. Pastors are now receiving better training and some churches are experiencing renewal. Thank You, Lord. May the Christians in St. Lucia get “the real disease” and get serious about serving Jesus Christ and may the number of evangelicals double over this decade, I ask.


I pray for the missionaries my church supports including: __________. Keep them true to the Word, protect them, provide for them and empower them by Your Holy Spirit, I ask.


Keep me true to Your Word today I also ask, in Christ’s Name, Amen.



August 21

by Ed Vasicek


Almighty King,


It is amazing to think how You condescend to us. You existed before there was time or dimension. Your attributes are perfect and perfectly balance and harmonize with one another. Nowhere do we see this harmony more than in the cross. Although a holy God cannot let we who are tainted by sin into heaven, in Your love and mercy You want to forgive us. So You sent Jesus to bear our penalty, thus satisfying Your justice and holiness and allowing Your loving desire to save us come to pass. You have forgiven us without compromising Your character. How marvelous!


Lord, I thank You that I am free from guilt. Christ bore ALL my sins, not just some of them. You do not view me as I am, but as I am in Christ. Instead of seeing me, You see Jesus. You accept me completely because You see Jesus. You have given me the righteousness of Christ! Although the Old Testament sacrifices had their place, they could not cleanse the conscience, but Jesus does: "How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!" (Hebrews 9:14).


I also pray that You would help me to love my family members as I should. Help me put You first, my family second and then the rest of life third. Help me balance the rest of life between work, church, work around the house, extended family, social activities and community involvement.


I thank You, Lord, that You have taken away my heart of stone and given me a heart of flesh, a new nature, the Law of God written upon my heart. I am so privileged to be under the New Covenant, to know You and be indwelt by Your Spirit.


God, help me to be a good listener. You gave me two ears and one mouth, help me to see the obvious implications of that. As James says, help me to be slow to speak but quick to listen.

Lord, like everyone else, I have fears and insecurities that haunt me. I give them to You and ask You to help me constantly do so.


Lord, today I remember the sparse North American French territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Only .4% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals and the population itself is under 7,000. Father, though small in size, we pray that You would do a mighty work here. May half the population come to know You personally and then in turn, please use them to reach the French, I ask.


Lord, thank You for Christians in Action, "an international, interdenominational and transcultural evangelical missionary society with ministries in 21 countries. Its 300 ministry personnel with the goal of planting indigenous national churches carry out personal evangelism, discipleship and church planting. Other activities include short-term evangelistic teams and medical and dental clinics in needy areas." Father, grant the workers harmony, protection, provision and empower them by Your Spirit, I ask.


May I live like a peacemaker today, I ask, in the Name of He of Who died and rose for me, Amen.



August 22

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Father,


I thank You for the Holy Spirit. He is a Purifier. He makes me holier. He is the divine Revealer Who opened my eyes to the truth of the Gospel. He helped me to understand that Christ died for my sins and arose the Victor. He brought me from spiritual death to spiritual life through the new birth (regeneration) so that I would believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He granted me the repentance that leads to life. He is the Unifier. He baptized me into the Body of Christ so that I might be one with those who have also been regenerated. He has endowed me with spiritual gifts and begun creating His fruit in my life. When I empty myself, He fills me. When I am grieving, He comforts me. When I grieve Him, He convicts me. When I cannot go on, He reminds me that it is not by might, nor by power, but by Him, the Spirit (Zechariah 4:6).


My God and King, help me with my thought life today. Help me think positive and pleasant thoughts today, thoughts that please You. I know that the battlefield is my mind. Help me to renew it faithfully by reading, studying and pondering Your Word. Remind me of the garbage-in-garbage-out principle. Help me to be cautious about what I watch and how I am entertained.


Lord, like everyone else, I have fears and insecurities that haunt me. I give them to You and ask You to help me constantly do so.


Lord, help me to get to know my neighbors where I live and at work or school. Teach me the importance of participating in my community as an avenue to benefit myself and a way to show love to others.


Father, if I am going to get attached to people, I have to risk rejection. If I am going to build significant relationships with friends, I have to learn how to handle conflict. May I neither run nor fight, but instead help me work at communicating, compromising and expressing myself tactfully. Help me to properly handle conflict in all my relationships including church life.


Today I pray for the Latin American Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent. Thank You that almost 25% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. At the same time, Lord, many of those who profess Christ do not live holy lives and many are ignorant of Bible doctrine and teaching. I pray that You would develop a core of strong leaders and that those who know You would exemplify a life that pleases You and bears testimony to Your regenerating and sanctifying grace.


Lord, bless the ministry of Church Ministries International, "an evangelical, interdenominational, mission organization dedicated to helping urban churches in Latin America and Spain evangelize their city and nation.... Church Ministries International works with teams of missionaries and pastors of various evangelical carry on a concentrated program of evangelism, discipleship and church planting." Father, prosper, provide and protect this ministry and those associated with it. Grant them harmony and empower them by Your Spirit, I pray.


Help me to live in a way that attracts people to Christ, I pray, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


August 23

by Ed Vasicek


Almighty Father,


You are the God of the laws and routines. Certainly You vary that routine, but Your Son keeps holding the universe together. Every day the sun rises, every day the sun sets. Gravity works everyday, 24/7. Scientists and physicists can discover the laws of the science because You ordained them. Despite the chaos in our universe as a result of the curse, we find a great deal of order, constancy and dependability. After You created all, You said it was all very good, but then sin entered the world. And with it, the curse. It isn't all very good now, for evil is the ruining of the good. But it is remarkable to see what is still good. We can therefore depend upon the daily cycle and the annual cycle. We know the earth will keep its peculiar tilt so that the polar icecaps do not melt and destroy the world by a flood. After the Flood of Noah, You promised there would be no more worldwide floods and the rainbow reminds us of this covenant.


Thank You, Lord, for the assurance of answered prayer. As Jesus said in John 16:24, "Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete." Although I know this general promise is not a detailed treatise on prayer, it assures me that You want me to ask and it also tells me that You are concerned about my joy. And, so Lord, I ask You to meet my needs and bless those close to me.


Father, thank You for my senses. In Your grace and goodness, keep them all healthy and help me to appreciate them and use them in ways that please You. Help me to discover the joys of being a human being created in Your image, yet help me to enjoy life in ways consistent with Your revealed will. I recognize that if I enjoy myself in legitimate ways, I am less prone to enjoy myself in illegitimate ways.


Lord, the Hubei Province of China especially needs Your help. Perhaps 1% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals and the government in this region is especially oppressive. The 60 million people in this province need to hear of Jesus, but even the house churches are few, particularly in the cities. O Lord, change the hearts of the political leaders of this area. I pray that the Gospel outreach here would expand a hundredfold over the next decade and that the number of believers would double within the next five years.


Praise Your Name for Commission to Every Nation, a non-denominational missionary sending agency "helping ordinary people partner with God to accomplish the extraordinary.... Missionaries go out to six world regions to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed." O Lord, bless this ministry. Provide for the workers. Grant them harmony among themselves, protect them, grant them good health, empower them by Your Spirit and give them much fruit for their labors, I ask.


Now reward me with fruit for my labors and glorify Yourself through me, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.


August 24

by Ed Vasicek


Faithful Father,


You are so good to me. Your love extends downward toward all and in Your love, You warn of Your wrath. You are the God Who Warns. Before Cain killed Abel, You warned him to correct his attitude.


Before the Flood, You warned that You would not always strive with man. Righteous Lot served as a warning to Sodom and Gomorrah. You sent Your prophets to warn Israel of the consequences of her apostasy and the judgment You would bring. Sometimes people heed Your warning, as in the repentance of the people in Nineveh who surprisingly repented at Jonah's preaching. But more often, it seems Your warnings are not heeded. A lonely eternity awaits those who have not heeded the warning of the Gospel. You warn us through our consciences, Your Word, other people and even the disasters of nature. Thank You that because of the work of Your Spirit, we were primed to heed Your warning.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________. Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: __________.


It can be difficult to be honest with others sometimes, but it can be even more difficult to be honest with myself. Help me not justify my wrongs, and help me be willing to ask for forgiveness when I wrong others.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today. Keep me from grieving Your Spirit by hardening my heart or disregarding Your will or flirting with sin, I ask.


Lord, the nation of Sudan has been a mixed blessing. On the one hand, many have responded to the Gospel especially in the south. As a result, over 10% of the nation claim to be born-again evangelicals and nearly a fourth of the population professes some sort of Christianity. Yet the Muslims control the more populous north and they are radical Muslims. They have massacred tens of thousands in the South and have taken over 100,000 as slaves! O Lord, stop the bloodshed and slavery. Grant true freedom to this nation.


Halt the spread of evil in Sudan and fortify and nurture the spread of the Gospel. Indeed, the behavior of the people in the north emphasizes how much they need the Gospel! Bless the relief and mission agencies (like Samaritan's Purse) that seek to help the many refugees. Work good out of this, O Lord.


Lord, I pray for the great ministry of Samaritan's Purse as it goes out "to the aid of the world's poor, sick and suffering. [They] are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ. This in turn, earns us a hearing for the Gospel, the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ. [Their] emergency relief programs provide desperately needed assistance to victims of natural disaster, war, disease and famine.... [Their] community development and vocational programs in impoverished villages and neighborhoods help people break the cycle of poverty and give them hope for a better tomorrow.


“[They]...impact the lives of vulnerable children through educational, feeding, clothing and shelter programs that let them know they are not forgotten." O God, provide for, protect, empower and grant harmony to this ministry, I pray.


Help me to live for You today, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.



August 25

by Ed Vasicek



You are majestic. You are splendid, superb, royal and kingly. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Were I to see You in Your glory, I would die from being overwhelmed. There are many things in life that are beautiful and a number of overwhelming experiences or views. If I were to peer at a glorious sunset above majestic mountains, I might be impressed. But You are majestic to an infinite degree. You are royal and kingly in such massive ways that I cannot even begin to comprehend it. But one day, I shall see You and I shall enjoy Your majesty forever and ever.


Abba, Father, help me to resist the devil today. Lord, I ask You to bind Satan and his forces; I claim the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. Thank You for my advocate, my defense attorney – our Lord Jesus Christ. He stands before Your throne and thwarts Satan's attempts to accuse me (1 John 2:1-2, Zechariah 3:1-5).


Lord, Your Word tells me that, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" (Proverbs 16:18). Help me to run from pride and to pursue humility which is simply sanely seeing reality from Your perspective and looking at things in proper proportion.


Lord, Hosea prophesied that, "My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). Father, remind me that ignorance is destructive. Especially help me cultivate knowledge of Your Word and Bible doctrine. Convince me that the most important thing I can do to grow, once I am saved, is to spend much time in Your Word. Help me never waver from that simple conviction. Fellowship, worship and body life – these are all important. But spending time in the Word is number one. Help me seek ” the meat of Your Word” over feelings, excitement, or motivation. It is so easy to justify letting our feelings lead us in the name of “passion.”


Father, I pray for the Manipur State of India, with its 2 million people. Thank You that over a third professes some sort of Christianity with probably over a fourth of the population professing to be born-again evangelicals. Thank You, Lord. But there are many unreached people and drug addiction and AIDS are significant problems in this region as well. Help the Christians to point to better alternatives and may the church here keep maturing and keep reaching out. Bless their efforts, O Lord.


Lord, I pray for CRISTA Ministries, "a gathering of Christians from all walks of life, demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by working together for positive change in a fast-paced world." CRISTA is ten distinct ministries: 1) CRISTA Senior Ministries, 2) World Concern, 3) King's Schools, 4) CRISTA Broadcasting, 5) Island Lake and Miracle Ranch Camps, 6) New Hope Child and Family Agency, 7) Intercristo, 8) Seattle Urban Academy, 9) CRISTA Women's Ministries and 10) Christian Veterinary Mission. O Lord, bless this multi-tasked ministry as it fills important voids in the Body of Christ. Help the leaders to manage this work well; make it effective, efficient and one that brings glory to You.


Grant those who labor in this ministry like-mindedness, integrity and wisdom, I pray.


Grant me wisdom today, I request in the Name of the Messiah, Amen.



August 26

by Ed Vasicek


O My Father,


Thank You for being there for me. You are truly my best friend. Although I revere You as the Creator, Redeemer and Holy Sovereign, You are the only one that really knows me through and through. You see my lifetime all at once. You know all my thoughts, fears, aspirations, joys and disappointments. You have comforted me, disciplined me, tried me and showered Your grace upon me. You know the subtle tactics my ego employs, the insincerity within me, the good intentions that never materialize and the times my heart is open before You, craving to do Your will. No one but You has shared or can share all of life with me. And so, My Lord, thank You for being my constant companion.


Father, today I pray for situations outside of my control. I can make certain choices about myself, but I cannot choose for others. And back in my own life, there are many choices I cannot make. I did not choose the family into which I was born, the genes that combined to make me, or traumatic events that I have experienced. Yet, Lord, despite my vulnerability, You want me to take responsibility for my choices and not pass the buck. Help me think and use wording that makes it clear that I am taking responsibility for all my choices, not just those which prove to be good or successful.


I pray for Christians who are straying from their first love or compromising their walk with You. Rekindle the faith they once professed and help them fervently love the Savior once again. Remove their boring view of serving You and help them see the adventure and fulfillment of walking daily in Your light. Stir up their hearts and help them make the routines of godliness a part of their lives. I especially remember: __________________.


Today I remember evangelical missionaries everywhere who are trying to raise support. Lord, while many churches give anywhere from 10 to 50% of their offerings toward foreign missions, the average church gives only 2%. O Father, break Your people of becoming ethnocentric. Keep us from confusing our earthly citizenship with our heavenly one. Keep us from perfectionist thinking that anchors us to one mission until everything is as perfect as it can be while neglecting other important areas; instead, awaken us to the reality that our commission is to share Christ around the world NOW. And as these perspective missionaries are turned down time after time, we pray that You would encourage these candidates and provide for them financially and in the realm of wisdom.


Lord, the nation of Suriname in South America is different from the rest of the continent. It was a Dutch colony and they imported indentured servants from India and other Asian areas, as well as Afro-Caribbeans. Thank You that 4.1% of the population claims to be born-again evangelicals and that the percentage is on the rise. Father, please develop warm and solid leaders for the churches, use the Jesus film and student outreaches and help the seven translation projects now in progress. Father, double the percentage of believers over the next 5 years, I ask.


Help me to exemplify Christian love today, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen



August 27

by Ed Vasicek


Great Master,


You are the Lord of all, but You are also the Lord of the individual. You have arranged a situation in which we can decide whether we want You to be the Lord of our lives or not. Although we recognize Your Sovereign workings behind the scenes, we do experience a choice on our part. You are not everyone's chosen Lord. But I have personally covenanted with You and I know You not only as the Lord of the Universe, but as MY Lord and Master. Help me to be less and less like the disciples when Jesus criticized them with, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, but not do the things that I say?" (Luke 6:46). Help me, Lord, both to desire to obey You and to actually obey You.


Adonai, I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


Help me to do my part by volunteering to serve or continuing to serve in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. May I set my roots down deeply and to attend every week I am able to do so.


Lord, today I remember the nations in which believers are persecuted, facing death, dismemberment, torture, rape, sexual abuse, imprisonment, slavery, or confiscation of goods. These persecuting nations include: Comoro Islands, Cuba, Uzbekistan, North Sudan and Morocco. O Father, may these and the others among the 86 persecuting countries become enlightened in the realm of human dignity and God-given rights including the right we have to choose and practice our religious convictions. May the persecutors themselves be won to faith in Christ; may the governments mandate and enforce the recognition of true religious freedom, and help believers by granting them an extra portion of wisdom. Help them to evade persecution when possible and help them to find their strength in You when they cannot.


Lord, I pray for the Hunan province of China, the most difficult part of China to successfully evangelize. Your Spirit has been working mightily in other parts of China, but in Hunan, only about 2% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. The 67 million people identify with Chairman Mao who came from this region and they view the Gospel as foreign. Hearts are hard here and the Scriptures are sparse. O my Father, soften the hearts of the Hunan people. By Your Spirit, bring many to eternal life, I pray. May the number of believers double over the next five years, I pray.


Dear God, thank You for D&D Missionary Homes: "When a missionary family in transition seeks housing” either going to the field, or returning for a short stay, they face considerable expenditures that usually are not recovered, or cost-effective when considering the period of time involved – usually two to six months." Through D & D "an example of costs for a missionary about 30%-40% the cost of equivalent rentals for three months to one year." Father, bless this ministry as it serves Your servants, I ask.


Help me to bless Your servants and to be a blessing to lost people around me. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.



August 28

by Ed Vasicek


Shepherd of All Who Know You,


Thank You for being the God Who is a shepherd – a God Who leads His children. Although we must admit that Your leading is not always clear, it is clear when You choose it to be clear. You’ve given us Your Word which provides Your leading in most situations. You have also given us Your Spirit Who is the down payment for the complete redemption we will one day experience. You have given us the Body of Christ and those who are gifted with wisdom and knowledge. And You have given us prayer, by which we can ask You for wisdom.


O God, You have taken such great pains to lead us! Help us listen to Your voice! Help us spend time in Your Word, with Your people and in prayer. As our Shepherd, You do not want us to go astray or wander into the paths of deception. Thank You, Lord, for being my Shepherd, for leading me in paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake.


Today I pray for safety. I ask You to keep me safe. I ask You to keep my loved ones safe. Keep us from harm and evil of every kind: physical, spiritual, moral and relational. I ask You to put a hedge around my loved ones and me and send guardian angels to watch over and protect us, I ask. I pray for Your protection night and day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Lord, I am thankful for many things, three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power not my own. May Your Spirit control me today. May I manifest His fruit, especially the fruit of self-control.


Father, today I pray for the African nation of Swaziland. I thank You for the mighty spiritual harvest in that land over the years and that nearly 30% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Praise Your Name. Yet, Lord, the church is not as strong as she should be.


About 70% of the church members are women, so there is a gender lopsidedness that makes it seem as though the Gospel were not really masculine. In addition, many of the believers still struggle with witchcraft. Lord, the church needs a new generation of strong leaders; train them and raise them up, I ask. May the Christian men take deep root and take leadership in the churches and help the church to know how to respond to the major AIDS epidemic there. Help the economy to improve so that the youth can find jobs instead of turning to delinquency, I ask. May the quantity of believers grow somewhat, but may the quality of believers grow tremendously over the next five years, I ask.


Lord, thank You for DELTA Ministries International as they equip the local church for short-term missions with "field opportunities, travel, logistical support, recruitment, cultural preparation, prayer and training that is both biblical and practical.... On-field: field communication management, financial accounting, logistical support and problem solving." Bless this ministry and prosper it, I ask.


Now help me to serve You faithfully today, I pray in the Messiah’s Name, Amen.



August 29

by Ed Vasicek


O Lord,


How awesome and majestic You are. You inspire Your creation to be awestruck at You. We marvel at You; our mouths hang open and our hearts are filled beyond capacity. You are the God Who inspires awe. When I gaze into the sky, I am in a sense intimidated. I remember how small I am compared to the vast sky above. Then I remember how small planet earth is compared to our sun or some of the larger planets in our Solar System. Then I remember how small our solar system is compared to our galaxy. And then I remember our galaxy is one of perhaps countless galaxies and I am completely overwhelmed. And You, Lord, created all this out of nothing. And You, Lord, care about me. How can it be? But it is so, because You have said so and You have proven it so by sending Your Son as my sin sacrifice.


Lord, help me to be a good steward of the funds with which You provide me. Proverbs 17:18 reads, "Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom." O, Lord, may I be a wise person. Help me be wise in all areas including money management.


Help me to resist temptation and the lures of Satan today. Do not allow me to give place to the devil, or to gain him access into my life.


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: __________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: __________.


Lord, the European nation of Sweden has a tremendous history. The church in Sweden has been extremely missionary minded, well beyond its numbers. But nowadays, Lord, only 4.9% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. The state church has gone the way of theological liberalism, no longer believing in the truth of Scripture. In 1900, 99% of the population believed that there was a God; now that percentage is less than half! O God, revive this nation. May Your Spirit grant many the repentance that leads to life. May the evangelical church double over the next decade to everyone’s surprise, I ask! Because You are Sovereign, You can easily do this and I pray that You would.


Father, thank You for Eagle Projects International, "an interdenominational Christian ministry of evangelism, church planting and various kinds of humanitarian assistance projects such as medical clinics, English camps, orphanages and church training. [They] are always conducting new projects in different countries around the world." Bless this ministry as it fits into Your greater plan of world evangelism and missions. May some who get involved in these projects sense Your call to full-time missions, I ask.


Today I pray for those who work as correctional officers and jailers. Lord, these are difficult tasks within less than perfect systems. Help those who are Christians to distinguish themselves with wisdom, street smarts and Christlike character, I ask.


May I live in a Christlike manner today, I pray in His Name, Amen.



August 30

by Ed Vasicek




Thank You for being a God Who looks out for the best interest of Your children. You lavish us with Your grace; You do not cut it tight. You work all things together for good though we are often perplexed when trying to understand how it is so. You care for our daily needs and You give us even more than we ask for. No, our lives are not beds of roses, for You bring trial and tribulations to us at times. But ultimately in the long run, we will appreciate the intricacies of your plans, plans to bless us and do us good. Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, is our Advocate against Satan’s accusations. Lord, You are the God Who justifies us, Who goes to bat for us, Who fights for us. Even when appearances seem otherwise, Your Providence is at work.


Father, I praise and worship You, for You are worthy of all praise. I bow my knee before You; I acknowledge my complete and utter dependence upon You. Every breath I take is a gift from You. You are an awesome God and I devote myself to You because I am awestruck with You. Like John the Baptist, may my motto be, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________.

Help me to do my part by volunteering to serve or continuing to serve in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. May I set my roots down deeply and attend every week I am able to do so.


Today I pray for the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia with its 24 million people. The number of born-again evangelicals is perhaps 3%, mostly from the influx of Han Chinese people who now outnumber the Mongolians in the region. Lord, many of the people are steeped in Buddhism and demonic oppression is a common problem because of it. Thank You for the growth of house churches; Lord, within 5 years, help the number of born-again evangelicals grow to 7%. Do a mighty work here; penetrate the native Mongolian culture and the Evenki and Oroqen peoples, I ask.


Thank You, Lord, for East-West Ministries. "God has called an unusual blend of academic and business people from varied professions and with varied life experience to come together and form East-West Ministries International.... What [they] share is a love for Jesus Christ and a passion to be agents of His grace in a world that desperately needs the salvation He alone can give. East-West works hand in hand around the world with indigenous church leaders and other existing ministries to fulfill Christ's command to ‘make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.' (Matthew 28:19-20)." Thank You for their work in the nations of the former Soviet Union, other Eastern European and even Caribbean nations. Prosper their ministries, protect them, provide harmony for them, meet their needs and empower them by Your Spirit, I ask.


Bless my efforts to serve You here at home, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



August 31

by Ed Vasicek




When I wake up, You are with me. During the night, You did not sleep or even nap. You never have attention deficit even though Your attention is divided between every creature and every inch of the universe. But Your attention is infinite and when I divide every atom in all creation into your infinite attention span, I am left with the quotient – infinity. How can this be? But it is so. When I pray, You hear my prayers with complete and intense attention while at the same time listening to the pleadings of all Your children. Lord, infinite knowledge and infinite attention – these concepts are beyond my understanding. I use the words, but I cannot grasp them!


First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart (Pause to admit them to God).


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


Lord, like everyone else, I have fears and insecurities that haunt me. I give them to You and ask You to help me constantly entrust myself to You.


Lord, help me to get to know my neighbors where I live and at work or school. Teach me the importance of participating in my community as an avenue to benefit myself and a way to show love to others.


Help me, Lord, to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. May I be a blessing to my church, my pastor and my friends. Keep me from instigating problems, from gossip, slander and disrespect for those in authority. When I disagree, help me to disagree agreeably.


Lord, the European nation of Switzerland, with its 7 million people, is a wealthy nation. But it is spiritually poor. Only about 4% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals despite its rich Reformation heritage. The churches have turned away from the Bible. Thank You, Lord, for some of the newer denominations that have planted solid churches there like the Evangelical Free Church. Bless their efforts with great fruit; work in the hearts of the up and coming generations, I ask.


Lord, thank You for the Swiss missions agency, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelischer Missionen. They seek to unite Evangelical German-speaking Swiss ministries consisting "of approximately 40 mission works and 6 theological schools" which stand for the fundamentals of the evangelical faith. Lord, bless this work mightily. May Your Spirit again move in Europe and may the land of Switzerland become a nation filled with zealous born-again believers, I pray. Provide for, protect, empower and grant harmony and fruit to the members of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelischer Missionen.


Help me see Your Spirit produce His fruit of love in my life today, I ask in the Messiah’s Name, Amen.

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