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November Prayers for Evangelical Christians

November Prayers


November 1

by Ed Vasicek




You are the God Who wants to be known and is knowable. Although we cannot know all about You – we will be learning about You for eternity without exhausting Who You are – we can know You as our friend. This is why Jeremiah tells us, "Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me" (Jeremiah 9:23-24).


O Lord, keep me from being like those who find their purpose in life apart from a relationship to You, "My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water" (Jeremiah 2:13). O Lord, only You can satisfy. Whatever we attempt to put in Your place is like a broken cistern. Father, help me to believe this, for I must confess that sometimes my single-mindedness gives way to a divided heart. So, like David, I pray, "give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name" (Psalm 86:11).


Father, today I pray for the world's intelligentsia class: our professors, top authorities, intellects, philosophers and scholars. I also pray for the entertainment industries that take the thoughts of the intelligentsia and spread them at a popular level.


O Lord, You call mostly common folks. Your Word states, "Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth" (1 Corinthians 1:26). Father, although Your Word says "not many," this does not mean "none." You have always called some from the intelligentsia to Yourself. O Lord, we pray that You might stretch this verse to full stretch. We pray also that many who already know You would take the helm as our society's great thinkers, as in the days of Jonathan Edwards. We also pray that You would get hold of the entertainment industry. Help them to disseminate a worldview reflecting the Judeo-Christian viewpoint, I ask.


Help Your children to restrict their participation in entertainment to that which is decent. Father, so many Christians feel constrained to see the movies or listen to the music that everyone else sees or listens to. Help true Christians to develop a selective mentality, I pray.


I pray for the nation of Denmark. Thank You for the 4.8% of the population that claim to be born-again evangelical Christians. Many of the people claim a formal form of Christianity, but they do not attend church and do not have a personal, living relationship with the Risen Christ. Please use the Jesus Film, the Danish Bible Society, and may Your Spirit also empower the new and promising Christian youth movement.


Lord, please bless Village Ministries International and their work in Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe and North America. Lord, as they seek to go into all the world, evangelize the lost, and teach them God's Word, I pray that You would prosper their work. Grant them much fruit, harmony, safety, provision and the power of Your Spirit, I ask. Help them as they, "locate and fully equip nationals...for ministry so that they may evangelize and teach their fellow countrymen."


May I live in a way that pleases You today, I ask, in Messiah's Name, Amen.


November 2

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Lord and Father of Mankind,


You are the One true God. The world claims many gods and many who do not know You claim that there is One God – but not necessarily You, the God of the Bible. We might agree that there is one God – but not necessarily the same God. Although we cannot understand all the mysteries of Your Tri-unity, we know that it is accurate to say that You are One; Yahweh our God is One Lord. And to the degree that we understand the teachings of Your Word, we believe in the true God. Help us to sharpen our understanding of Who You are so that Who we can say that we "know Whom we have believed."


Lord, all around me are men, women and young people struggling with destructive substance abuses or other harmful addictions. Although it is great to be free from all addictions, some are definitely worse than others. And modern society with its dysfunctional families and high stress pressure makes a great hotbed to nurture these addictions. Help friends, family and possibly myself to learn to cope with life by walking more closely to You. Help them to believe that life can still be meaningful and livable, even without the addiction. Help us to know what to do to help our addicted friends and to recognize what we cannot do as well.


I pray for parents everywhere. Lord, parents are so important to those little ones entrusted to their care. May parents everywhere protect and train their children in humane and balanced ways. Help them to love their children, not to spoil them and to encourage them toward positive directions. We pray that Christian parents would prove to be consistent role models for their young ones. Help parents to give thought to childrearing in light of modern times; keep them from just repeating what previous generations did during simpler times. Please, Lord, help parents to get their heads out of the sand.

Lord, the nation of Iraq is a complicated one. Headlines every day demonstrate that this nation is having a challenge to rebuild itself. But thank You, Lord, for the flow of the Gospel into this land.


Before the war, about one-tenth of one percent claimed to be born-again evangelicals. That seems to have grown since ministries have been allowed into the country. I pray that the Gospel would take a deep root there and I ask that You would help the believers to have unusual wisdom, boldness and be under the control of Your Spirit. O Lord, please do a mighty work in Iraq!


O Lord, thank You for the ministry of Worldlink International Ministries as they "promote the Good News of Jesus Christ by expanding, equipping and encouraging the world's indigenous missionary workforce." O Father, provide for, protect, empower and grant harmony to this ministry. May many come to Christ and grow to maturity as a result of these efforts, I pray.


Now help me follow You today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 3

by Ed Vasicek




You are the Most High God. You are not merely above us nor do You share Your status. You are truly above all; none are higher than You. No one outranks You; no one matches Your rank. You alone, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are the Most High God. Although the evil one is powerful, he is far from at parity with You. As the hymnist put it, "one little word will fell him." There is no competition. The difference between a single cell creature and a mortal man is great, but the difference between You, O Lord, and any created being is greater! Indeed, how can anyone who is finite be compared with You Who are infinite!


Father, as a sinful human being, I sometimes need to apologize to others. Help me not excuse my wrongs, or predicate my apologies based upon how others wronged me. Help me to ask for forgiveness by taking full responsibility for my actions and isolating them from the behavior of others. Help me utter those words, "I was wrong; please forgive me."


Lord, I know that I have not because I ask not. Please, Lord meet the following needs and requests according to Your perfect will: ______________.


Lord, troubled marriages are all around me. Often I am not aware of that. A friend at work, a neighbor, a relative. A mom with young children feels trapped and the couple could use some time away, but no family is near or there are no trusted friends to watch the children; finances are tight and the tensions high. A man or woman was reared in a messed up family and the baggage he or she brings into the marriage is destroying it. Long work hours, addictions, anger, violence and immorality – people all around us are struggling. Help us to be supportive in every way and help the marriages around me to get stronger especially within my church family.


Today I pray for the Indian State of West Bengal with its 82 million people. Perhaps only .2% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals. Lord, the enemy is strong here, as evidenced by demonic activity. There are many barriers that keep the people from even considering the claims of Christ. O Lord, do a mighty work in this state for Your Name’s sake. Grant many the repentance that leads to life. O Lord, may the percentage of believers grow tenfold during the next decade, I ask.


"ZOE International Ministries is a mission organization called to reach and influence the unreached people of the world by fulfilling the Great Commission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person and make disciples of all the nations." Thank You for their work in Asia; bless, prosper, provide for and empower the workers who identify with this ministry, I pray. Grant them much fruit!


May the fruit of the Spirit be evident in my life today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 4

by Ed Vasicek




Your Word compares You to a Potter and us to the clay. Just as the potter has the "right to make out the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use" (Romans 9:21), so we acknowledge that we have no grounds to talk back to you (Romans 9:20). We may not like where Your Sovereign hand has led us and our lot in life might be other than we would wish, but ultimately our main choice is whether to take Your hand or to kick against the thorns in protest. We choose to walk with You. We thank You that You understand exactly what You are doing even though things are sometimes not as we think they should be. We confess that You are doing a much better job at running the universe than we could. So we submit ourselves to You, the potter. We remember that we are clay in Your hands.


Father, help me to keep my spiritual eyes open and to join You where You are working. Perhaps a friend or associate is going through trials and You are using this to draw him or her to Yourself. Help me be alert and to minister accordingly.


Lord, thank You for blessing me so abundantly. Today I am thankful for: __________________.


Father, I release the control of my life to You so that the Holy Spirit can control me. I remember that it is "not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit" that I can overcome (Zechariah 4:6).


Lord, help my church be harmonious. May the leaders be firm when it comes to the clear teachings of Scripture and gracious about the not-so-clear matters. Keep antagonists, troublemakers and those who resent authority away from our congregation. Help my church to be effective in evangelism, discipleship, loving one another and world missions.


O Lord, I pray for the Asian country of Yemen, a nation on the list of the world’s least evangelized countries. Followers of Islam make up 99.94 percent of the population. There are less than a thousand evangelical believers in this nation, a land where it is illegal for any non-Muslim to witness and illegal for Muslims to become Christians. Yet, Lord, You are beginning to work through radio, the Jesus film and tactful sharing. O Father, draw many to Yourself in the days ahead. May 5% of the population come to know Jesus over the next decade, I ask.


My Lord, I praise You for the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship: "For almost 70 years God has been using Child Evangelism Fellowship to bring the love of Jesus Christ to children around the world...with workers in more than 150 countries around the world CEF has personal, individual ministry with more than 6 million children each year." O Lord, bless this vital ministry, an outreach that occurs even in my home town.


Help me to display the love for righteousness the Savior exemplified, I ask in His Name, Amen.


November 5

by Ed Vasicek


O God,


You are the Ancient of Days. You, O Lord, not only go back to the beginning of all things, but You go back before all things. There was a time when there was no time, yet You were there. As we learned in geometry, we are like a ray; we have a starting point and go on eternally, but You are like a line, eternal in both directions. You are the Ancient of Days and this implies You have an eternal wisdom, too.


Yes, my past carries some negative memories, but it carries some pleasant ones as well. I can be tempted to live in the past. My past carries some pleasant memories as well. Help me not to glamorize the past (Ecclesiastes 7:16), but to remember that You are always active in my life. Although there are things about the past that I love to remember, help me to press forward to the goal You have set for me (Philippians 3:13). The best days are ahead (1 Corinthians 2:9).


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I accept responsibility for my sins and freely bring the sins Your Spirit brings to my mind now: _________________.


Help me, Lord, to be assertive – to be able to ask for what I want – but to avoid being demanding. Help me obey the Golden Rule when it comes to making requests, to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.


Lord, today I remember that nation that is especially near and dear to Your heart, the nation of Israel. Your Word reveals that Your determination to bless Israel remains firm (Jeremiah 31:36-37, Romans 11:29). Yet few of the children of Israel know Jesus, Yeshua, as Messiah. Thank You that the number of believing Jews (Messianic Jews) has increased from 200 to 7,000 within Israel, yet only two-tenths of one percent of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. I look forward to the time when the nation of Israel will turn to Christ in droves (Zechariah 12:10), but I pray that many would come to know You before those times. I also pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


O God, thank You for the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators, the largest mission organization of the evangelical church. "Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA is part of an international association of Wycliffe organizations dedicated to seeing God's Word become accessible to all people in the language that speaks to their heart. In its 70-year history, Wycliffe has been involved in more than 600 translations, representing greater than 77 million people. Today Wycliffe consists of more than 6,000 personnel working in partnership with expatriates and nationals worldwide." O Lord, please bless this crucial ministry. Help them to start projects to get God’s Word into the native language of everyone on earth by 2025, as they are so aiming. Provide for them, protect them, empower them, grant them harmony and use them mightily, I ask.


Use me to show the love to Christ to someone today, I pray in Messiah’s Name, Amen.


November 6

by Ed Vasicek


My Great King, Helper of the helpless,


Thank You, Jesus Christ, that You are God. You are the Son, the Word and the exact representation of the Father. You are also a sinless man. You are the God-man, the Savior of the World. Your divinity had no beginning but is eternal. As God the Son, You have always existed. Your humanity had a beginning within the virgin's womb. But even Your humanity is special, for Your human nature is the firstborn of all creation: it has the preeminence. And from the time Your human nature was conceived, Your two natures are united in one Person. We cannot understand the mystery of it all; we can merely define the boundaries Your Word gives us!


But Lord Jesus, You experienced all this for a reason, to be our Redeemer and Savior as part of a plan to glorify the Father, Son and Spirit. You were the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. All was created around Your sacrifice and resurrection to Your glory.


Lord, use my mouth to bless others. Help me remember that, "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones" (Proverbs 16:24). Help me remember that it is easier to damage others with my words than it is to build them up!


Lord, sometimes I have not because I ask not, so I am asking. Please meet the following needs, requests and desires as You see fit: __________________.


Help me with my thought life today. Help me think positive and pleasant thoughts today, thoughts that please You.


Lord, I pray that You would strengthen the marriages in my family, among my friends and within my church family. Put a hedge of protection around them and help these folks to be determined to make their marriage work. Send help to them and may they avail themselves of books, seminars and counseling. Help them build their marriages upon You.


Today I pray for the Tibet-Xizang Autonomous Region of China with its 2.5 million people. Although perhaps only .1% of the population is made up of evangelical believers, this is a great improvement over the past. Although Tibetan Buddhism runs strong in this region, thank You, Lord, for the hearts You have opened. Bless the Jesus film, Christian radio, and the testimony of the few who already know You. Grant many the repentance that leads to life, I ask. Multiply the number of believers tenfold over the next decade, I pray.


Lord, thank You for the ministry of SIM. "SIM: Serving In Mission has about 1,600 active missionaries, from 37 countries serving in over 40 countries in South America, Africa and Asia.... Our distinctive is not our methodology but our church-focused vision. We are seriously involved in Bible translation, hospitals, radio, development and aviation, but all these are a means to plant, strengthen and partner with churches. Our focus is the church, not a strategy."


Father, strengthen and use this mission agency. Grant the workers safety, provision, harmony, the power of Your Spirit and much fruit, I pray.


Lord, You have not called all Your children to be missionaries in the sense of crossing cultures, but You have called us all to be witnesses. Help me to be a faithful witness of Your grace, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 7

by Ed Vasicek




Yahweh, how I praise You that You are self-derived! You had no beginning and You will have no end. You are completely uncreated and though You take pleasure in Your creation, You are complete in Yourself. With the heavenly host, I praise the One who was, and is, and is to come. From the rising of the sun to its setting, You are Lord. Before the sun was created, You are Lord. You are Yahweh, the eternal I AM.


I thank You for raising me to life and coaxing me along to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for seating me in heavenly places along with Christ, far above all principalities and powers. This is my legal position, even now. I look forward to the time when I am actually seated with You in glory!


Father, since my citizenship is in heaven and I walk this earth as one of Your ambassadors, may my life evidence that my heavenly citizenship indeed has my first allegiance. Although You expect me to fully participate in my civic and community duties, and although I confess I love my country, I put the cross before the flag. Help me not to confuse the two.


Lord, I have a bountiful list of personal needs, a few of which include: __________________. Meet these needs according to the riches I have in Christ Jesus. Help me to pray without ceasing and not to become weary in well-doing. Remind me that my labor in You is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Help me to resist temptation and the lures of Satan today.


I also pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please grant them the repentance that leads to life. Draw them by Your Spirit and bring them into Your Kingdom.


Today I pray for the nation of Argentina and its 40 million people. Although this land has a track record for revolution, thank You that the nation is now more democratic. Thank You for the great growth of the Evangelical church in Argentina; about 11% claim to be born-again evangelicals. Thank You for the revival that has been breaking forth over the last decade. This has even spread through the prisons. Help the believers there to become more Scripturally anchored rather than depending upon their emotions. We pray that the Evangelical churches would double in number and size over the next decade.


Lord, bless the work of the International Bible Society. As they describe it, this agency "translates and reaches out with the Word of God so that people around the world can meet and become disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to use the resources God provides to reach as many people as possible with accurate, readable, understandable translations of His life-transforming Word.... We currently pursue major outreach projects in 65 countries." Bless and prosper this ministry, I ask.


Bless those who work as machinists. Grant them safety, help them to do their work well and may those who know You testify by life and word of Your goodness.


Help me to serve You today, I request in Christ’s Name, Amen.


November 8

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Heavenly Father,


I call You Father because You are my Heavenly Father, first by virtue of creation, second by virtue of redemption and third by virtue of Your Person. You are the Father of all who come to know You through Jesus Christ. Thank You that as a Father has pity on His children, so You have pity upon us. Thank You that, as a good father loves, trains and cares for the wellbeing of His children, You care for us. We glory in that we have been adopted into Your family by faith in Jesus Christ.


Lord, I thank You that You have called me to be among those titled a “kingdom of priests.” I have direct access to heaven through Jesus Christ my Lord; I can intercede for those Who are lost or Who need special spiritual attention and I can offer the sacrifice of praise to You, namely, the fruit of my lips (Hebrews 13:15). I am part of the royal priesthood; I am a child of the King.


So Lord, help me to pray without ceasing, praying off and on throughout the day. May I remember to send up casual and quick prayers and praise all day long. May I be ready to pray at the drop of a hat.


Father, help me to manage my finances in a way that pleases You. Prosper me to the degree You see fit. Do not allow me to become too wealthy if that means I will turn away from You; keep me from being too poor so that I am not tempted to be dishonest. Help me trust You during good times and bad and may I be a responsible and honest steward of what You have given me. Thank You for the trust You have given me.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me of them and You will cleanse me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). So I bring my sins before You now. I do not excuse them, but I freely admit them and ask for Your forgiveness.


Lord, thank you for Serbia and Montenegro. Thank You for the 1.4% of the 10.5 million who know You. O Lord, may multitudes turn to You and find salvation in Christ, I pray. Use Christian literature, Christian radio and the few Christians who know You to multiply the church tenfold over the next ten years, I pray. Help this country recover and may they resolve their issues fairly and peacefully, I pray.


Today I ask You to bless Spanish World Ministries. May their radio program, El Camino De La Vida, continue to be used of you to reach many throughout Central and South America as well as Spain and elsewhere. Bless this mission as they help national workers to "reach their own Jerusalem." Bless their director, Daniel Sandoval. Provide for them, protect them, grant them harmony, empower them and give them bountiful fruit for their labor, I pray.


Help me to show Christ’s love to someone this day, I request, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.


November 9

by Ed Vasicek


God the Son,


In Scripture, we read that You are the Word and the Word became flesh. You, God the Son, are the Living Word. When You return to conquer and reign, You will also be known by that title (Revelation 19:13). You communicate the character of God to us and when incarnated You helped us understand Who God is by Who You are. We marvel at the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Lord, thank You that You have an agenda for me to become holier. You are in the process of sanctifying me, helping me to grow in spiritual maturity. This requires my cooperation; we are working on this together, though we do not work in the same ways or equally. The point is that You want me to nurture my walk by being involved with things like spending time in Your Word, prayer, building friendships with other believers, learning from others in the Body and serving You. Your Spirit will then take these things and use them as part of the process of growing in You. Help me adopt Your agenda and surrender my own.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: _________________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: __________________.


I pray for expectant mothers everywhere especially those I know. Lord, grant them safe deliveries and healthy babies. Help them to be loving mothers who put the best interests of their child or children first.


Father, I would like Your peace which passes all understanding to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I give You my stress, my cares, my worries, my heartaches and my fears. Help me realign my perspective and to remember that all I have to do is to do Your will for me. I do not have to please everybody, I do not have to carry the world's worries on my shoulders and I can do nothing to change the past. But I can go forward with You today.


Today I pray for the nation of Egypt, a nation familiar to every student of Scripture. Lord, thank You for the nearly 3% of the population who know You. We know the challenges are great as Islam pressures the authorities to become less and less tolerant of Christians. We pray that persecution would stop and that freedom would be guaranteed both on paper and in practice. Bless the Jesus film, the evangelical churches and the evangelical movement within the Coptic Orthodox Church. We pray that the number of Christians would double within this decade and that the people of Egypt would gain a new respect and tolerance for evangelical Christianity. We also pray that You would provide leaders for the church and training for lay leaders.


Lord, I pray for AIM. "Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is a nondenominational Christian missionary sending agency serving primarily in Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean. AIM was founded in 1895 and currently has more than 850 missionaries." O God, keep these missionaries true to You. Protect them, provide for them, empower them, grant them harmony with one another and bless them with much fruit, I ask.


May I experience Your joy today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 10

by Ed Vasicek


My gracious Master and My God,


The Savior is referred to in Your Word as "the Lamb of God." Thank You, Jesus, that You laid down Your life for me as a sacrifice to the Father for my sins, as my sin offering. You did this freely of Your own will. You likewise took Your life up again through the resurrection.


Just as the angel of death "passed over" the homes of the Israelites and the believing Egyptians who applied the blood of the Passover lamb to their doorposts, so Your wrath passes over all those Who have accepted Jesus Christ and are washed in His blood by faith.


Lord, remind me to walk the extra mile in my dealings. Your teaching is a moderate one: You instruct me to make extra effort and be gracious, to walk the extra mile. But only an extra mile, not an extra twenty miles! So help me to extend a reasonable amount of grace to others, but at the same time help me to assert myself and not be taken advantage of after walking that extra mile.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I accept responsibility for them and freely bring the sins Your Spirit brings to my mind now: __________________.


Father, I pray for strained relationships. We read of the return of Elijah that "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers" (Malachi 4:6). Lord, there are many strained relationships between parents and children or in-laws. There are many other strains between family members or friends all around my community. Father, bring about repentance and reconciliation in my family – if this be Your will – or prevent these heartaches if all seems to be well now.


Lord, today I pray for the Spanish-speaking world. Most of these people reside in Latin America or in the European nation of Spain. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and there are more than 30 countries in which Spanish is widely spoken. It is the third most widely spoken language in the world with 250 million people claim Spanish as their mother tongue. Thank You for the Scriptures in this language and that good evangelical literature abounds in Spanish. Thank You that many Spanish-speaking people have come to know Christ, especially in Latin America. May these nations become pillars for future missionary effort.


I remember OMF in prayer. Founded by Hudson Taylor in the 19th century, OMF, "is a global network of Christians proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ among East Asia's peoples through fervent prayer, loving service and personal witness." Thank You for the over 1,000 members from 30 nations who serve with OMF. Lord, bless the missionaries with harmony, safety, provision and much fruit for their labors. Keep them close to You and empower their efforts by Your Spirit.


Lord, bless those who work as maintenance and repair workers. Grant them safety and may those who know You make the effort to share the Gospel with their coworkers, I ask.


Help me to experience Your peace today, I pray in the Name of the Cornerstone, rejected by men but precious in Your sight, Amen.


November 11

by Ed Vasicek


Gracious and Good God,


Thank You for the many blessings of life. Thank You for providing me with the depth that comes from being reconciled to You. I am such a deeper person because I know Jesus. I sometimes wonder where I would be without You, Lord. How different my life would be.


So Lord, I praise You as the only One Who can truly fill that God-shaped vacuum within me. Even though I have this blessing now, I know the fit will be perfect in heaven. I will have no unfulfilled longings there. I will enjoy You in Your fullness.


But right now, Lord, I am on earth, a sinful mortal who has been redeemed. I am Your representative to a lost and dying world. Father, help me to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Do not let me get detoured with trying to police lost people. You did not call me to get lost people to act like Christians; You want me to reach them so that they become Christians first. O Father, the message from many pulpits is that we are to use our influence to get lost people to embrace our values. Such a mentality does not work. Instead, we need to expect those who know Christ to abide by Your will.


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


Omnipotent One, I pray for the nation of Kenya. Thank You for the religious freedom that reigns there and for the great response to the Gospel. Almost 36% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals, yet only 12% of the population attend church regularly. The problem of nominalism is growing, so Lord, please revive Your children there! Alongside this poor church attendance is the AIDS epidemic which infects about 14% of the population leaving many orphans as a consequence. O Lord, if Your people would walk with You, how many miseries would be averted!


Lord, I pray for those who are suffering from AIDS and other like diseases. Although many have received these sexually-transmitted diseases through sinful behavior not all have done so. Innocent children, faithful spouses, or those receiving blood transfusions, etc. have all been struck with these diseases. But even among those who have become infected through practices which are against Your revealed will, we know that all of us have sinned in varying ways and to varying degrees; when we turn from our sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ all our sins are forgiven. We pray, Lord, that all who suffer from such diseases will come to know Jesus. We pray that You would heal them according to Your will. If You choose not to heal them, give them better health and help them use their remaining days to serve You. Bless and guide those who serve these folks; thank You for their ministries of mercy and love. Help all Your children avoid immoral practices and help the rest of us not to look down upon those who have such a past.


Now, God use me to serve You this day, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.


November 12

by Ed Vasicek


Almighty God,



My Lord Jesus Christ is my great High Priest. He does not qualify to be a priest after the order founded by Aaron. No, His priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek, an order that preceded Aaron's. As a matter of fact, Aaron's forefather, Abraham, paid tithes to Melchizedek! As a sinless high priest, Jesus did not have to offer a sacrifice for his own sins. No, He had and has direct access to You. And He did not offer sacrifices of bulls and goats to make us merely ritually clean so that we could participate in the religious life of Israel. No, His sacrifice cleansed our consciences and our souls. He offered Himself! He is both the priest and the sacrifice. And His sacrifice only needed to be offered once for all time since the infinite Son of God is joined to the human nature of Jesus so that an infinite price has been paid. The sacrifice of Jesus is more than adequate to save all.


Father, help me remember not to take my own revenge, but to leave space for You to do so. Although I can confront or claim the protection offered me by law or policies, many things fall in-between those cracks. I am tempted to get even. But, Lord, by not getting even, I allow You to deal with matters thoroughly.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. I find my strength in His power not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Father, help me to be a person who thinks ahead. Help me learn the principle of counting the cost, redeeming the time, wisely making decisions and keeping the commitments I make. Keep me from procrastinating and help me to pace myself.


O Father, today I pray for the six union territories of India with its 2 million people scattered over scores of islands. Father, these people are virtually unreached. Just a tiny fraction of one percent claims any kind of Christianity at all. O Father, may You grant the repentance that leads to life for many of these people. Send forth laborers, use the Jesus film, literature and Christian radio. O God, do a work among these small island peoples, I pray.


I remember South America Mission and their vision "to see the Church of Jesus Christ established so that thousands of local, witnessing communities of believers are maturing in their own knowledge and faith, while working to ensure that everyone in South America has multiple opportunities to hear a clear, meaningful and persuasive presentation of the gospel from within their own ethnic or social group." Bless their evangelistic efforts, their discipleship training and leadership training. Raise up strong lay leaders with the believing community. Provide for the missionaries, empower them with Your Spirit, help them work in harmony and may they see many brought into the Kingdom of God and brought to spiritual maturity to Your glory.


My King, help me a person of integrity. Keep me honest, I ask in the Messiah's Name, Amen


November 13

by Ed Vasicek


O Lord,


Jesus Christ is my sin offering. I do not present my good works to You, for they are as filthy rags. I do not present religion or rituals to You. No, Jesus Christ is my final offering. He paid for my sins so I do not need to. Indeed, I cannot do so. As the hymnist put it, "Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling." As my sin offering, Jesus Christ is my complete Savior. He does not help to save me. No, he saves me completely. His blood atones for all my sins. He shed it once for all time for all people including me. I have appropriated this sacrifice by simply believing, by faith. Faith affirms Your character and agrees that what You say is true. Disbelief rejects Your credibility and is a great insult to You. Lord, I believe.


Help me be a person of character. Let my "yes" really mean "yes." Help me to speak honestly. Instead of saying what I should say, help me either speak my mind with tact or, if appropriate, hold my peace. But do not let my lips utter words I do not believe. Help me to love the truth.


Father, today I pray for the Bible-believing faithful pastors scattered in my country and around the world. Lord, their task is more difficult than ever. The modern challenges to the family, busier schedules, the high demands and expectations of church members and the stresses of ministry make pastoral work a high burnout calling. Additionally, troublemakers plague many churches and sometimes lay leaders with unhealthy attitudes control them. Pastors have to wear so many hats and be taught in so many areas: preaching, teaching, counseling, visiting, organization, keeping current on issues and ministry trends, administration, leadership, officiating weddings, funerals and baptisms...on and on it goes.


Help pastors to stand up to attacks and not be passive, to pray and be alert and not try to make everyone happy. Help them do what is in the best interest of the church and the Kingdom of God. Help them train lay leaders to do the work of ministry and to put the ministry of the Word, their personal walk with You and their families above the expectations of others. Help them accept the reality that they will always have plenty of undone work, but help them not to be a slave to the "tyranny of the urgent."


Today I pray for those who determine the missions’ policy in my home church. Lord, many churches are so into themselves that they do not put much emphasis on foreign missions. This is so contrary to Your Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), the church's "job description." It urges us to do our part to get the Gospel to the entire world. Our own nation and area will always have needs, but we must share Christ with those who have never heard. Please, Lord, deliver us from ethnocentrism and help us understand that You want us to reach people of every kindred, tribe and nation. Guide our church leaders so they recognize the importance of this task and help them seek to do a fair share of supporting missions.


Now, Lord, help me be a good witness for You today, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 14

by Ed Vasicek


Great God,


You are exalted above Your creation. You are not part of creation even though You are present everywhere. The universe had a beginning: You have always been. The universe is impersonal, You are Personal. You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Created things are impersonal except for the personal created beings: angels (both holy and fallen) and human beings. You are spiritual; much of the universe is physical. The laws of physics have no bearing upon You, but the universe would destruct were it not for those laws You established.


Lord, I know that the natural man – the person without Christ who has never been born again – that person cannot understand the things of the Spirit because they are foolishness to him or her. Although such persons may be religious, their eyes are not open until You, O Lord, open them. I recognize that I cannot reason someone into the Kingdom of God, nor can I persuade him or her against his or her will.


But, Lord, You can use me in the process if Your Spirit is opening their eyes and helping them to accept spiritual truth. So I want to be used of You, but help me to realize that ultimately without You, I can do nothing.


God, please send angels to watch over me and my loved ones. Keep us from harm and evil of every kind, night and day, over the course of our lives.


Help those within my physical and spiritual family to love one another. Sometimes this can be a tall order; not everyone is necessarily easy to love and we love different people in different ways according to who they are and how they act. So give me both love and wisdom, both kindness and truth. Help me to know when to be firm and when to be gracious. Make me neither a doormat nor hardhearted.


I pray for church board leaders, officers and teachers. If any do not know You, may they become born-again. Help them to be true to the Bible and to put Your Word over their own personal agendas. Help them to have genuine integrity, Biblical convictions, love, wisdom and courage. Help them be more concerned about pleasing You than advancing their agendas; may they seek harmony when reasonable within the congregation.


Today I remember the African nation of Zambia with its 11 million people. Lord, in recent years, many have come to know You. Over 25 percent of the population claims to be born again and evangelical. The president is an outspoken Christian. Yet, Lord, the economy is in a mess and the AIDS epidemic is widespread. This also puts a lot of strain on pastors as they seek to evangelize those with AIDS, minister to their families, visit the sick and dying and bury the dead. Consoling and helping the families is a long term task. O Father, help the people of Zambia to come to know You, to embrace Christian morality and to have compassion upon those who are suffering from this dreaded disease, I ask. May the church continue to mature and may it continue to grow.


I offer myself up to You as Your servant today, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 15

by Ed Vasicek


Wonderful Savior,


You make me wonder indeed. You are my Savior meaning You are the one Who has saved me, who has delivered me from the consequence and power of my sinfulness. You have saved me from the divine wrath due me by absorbing it Yourself. You have delivered me from separation from God both for now and eternity. You bridged the gap between us by sacrificing Yourself. You saved me completely.


Father, I wish that all of life were clear and black and white! So many times I have to make choices between shades of gray and I find it difficult tell these shades apart. I need Your wisdom, for what sometimes seems to be the right choice works damage to my soul and what seems the wrong choice works out for good. Most of the time it is not that way, but sometimes it is. Only You know the beginning from the end, but You want me to think in terms of the long term. So help me look at long-term consequences, but also enlighten me with the wisdom from above.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins, and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I accept responsibility for them and freely bring the sins Your Spirit brings to my mind now: __________________.


God, like every one of the billions of people who inhabit our world, I am vulnerable. So, Lord, please send angels to watch over me and protect me. Keep me from harm and evil of every kind.


Lord, today I pray for the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region of China and its 13 million people. Many of the people in this region are Muslims, but about 1.6% or so are born-again evangelicals. But these believers are not from the indigenous people groups, so it is very difficult for them to reach others for Christ because of the cultural barriers. O Lord, use the Jesus film, literature and the testimony of believers to draw many to Yourself. I pray that the percentage of believers would double over this next decade.


O God, I pray for the ministry of The Navigators. "The Navigators is dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually, to know Christ and to make Him known as they look to Him and His Word to chart their lives. [Their] ultimate goal is to equip them to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2--to teach what they have learned to others. Today, tens of thousands of people worldwide are coming to know and grow in Jesus Christ through the various ministries of The Navigators. Internationally, more than 4,000 Navigator staff of 64 nationalities serve in more than 100 countries." O King of King, bless this ministry! Provide, protect, empower, grant harmony and great fruit, I ask.


Father, help me to get along peacefully with others today, I pray in the Savior’s Name, Amen.

November 16

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Lord,


You are a great God: grand, majestic, peerless, glorious, universally acclaimed and completely noble. You surpass our understanding and transcend our logic. Nonetheless, everything about You makes sense. Just as an infant cannot understand nuclear physics, so we cannot understand You. But because we cannot understand does not imply that You are not reasonable, consistent or logical – for You are. You are simply too awesome for us, too great for us to fathom. Our minds cannot grasp Your infinite nature or Your infinite attributes.

Father, create a hunger in me – a hunger for Your Word. Sometimes my spiritual appetite is sated because I have filled it with junk food. Sometimes my heart is focused elsewhere. You consider Your Word such a priority that You put it on a par with Your Name, for the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 138:2b, "for you have exalted above all things your name and your word." O Lord, may I agree with this opinion of Your Word, and may I take its study seriously.


God, sometimes I struggle with doubts: doubts about You, Your love for me, Your Word, or my salvation. But my doubts can be good. They can drive me to find answers, they help me empathize with the doubts of others and they spur me on to think more deeply. Remind me that faith is choosing to believe despite my doubts. Like the man who asked Jesus to heal his son, I too say, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24). So help me not to deny my doubts but to address them.


Father, You have done a great work in South Korea. Nearly 16% of the population is made up of born-again evangelical Christians. Ten of the eleven largest churches in the world are in Korea's capital, Seoul. Korea is second only to the U.S. in the number of missionaries it has sent out. We pray that the growth and success of the Korean church would continue forward and that more people would come to know Christ. O Father, may the materialism that has taken over the American church and now threatens the Korean church be held at bay. Help the believers to hold high moral standards and speak out against corruption. I pray that Your Spirit would protect and multiply the Korean Church.


Today I remember AMG International, "an evangelical mission and relief agency currently ministering in 55 countries of the world." Their mission is "to give each person at least one opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel." Bless their efforts and empower them with Your Spirit as they "endeavor to meet people at the point of their need whether it be hunger, sickness, or hopelessness and show them Jesus as the only answer to the problems of this life and the only hope for eternal life." Grant them harmony amongst themselves and provide for their needs bountifully, I ask.


Now help me be on the lookout for opportunities to minister Jesus Christ to others, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.


November 17

by Ed Vasicek




Thank You that Your Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the way, the truth and the life. He is the way to You, the way to forgiveness, the way to eternal life. He is not just a way, but the way. As He said, "no one comes to the Father but by me" (John 14:6). We do not walk down a path (a way) of rituals and achievements – no, Jesus Himself is the way. He is the truth; His Gospel is the only true Gospel. And He is the life; all other "ways" lead eventually to death. But His way leads to life, an eternal life that begins now and extends forever and ever.


Lord, help me to rest in You and in Your truth. I do not want to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. I need to carefully develop convictions from Your Word and stick to them. I do not want to be among those Jude calls, "clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees without fruit and uprooted...wandering stars" (Jude 12,13). Help me be settled in You.


You are the God Who sees. When Hagar was mistreated by Sarah and then cast out with her son, Ishmael, into the desert, You saw Hagar’s plight and helped her and her son. It was tough for her to be a single mom, but You were the God Who was there to help her.


O Father, help single moms everywhere to turn to You and surrender their lives to You. Provide them with the means, strength, health, provision and wisdom to rear their child or children alone, I pray. Whether these moms have always been single, are divorced, separated, widowed, or temporarily single by virtual of circumstance (husband working in another country, military duty, etc.), watch out for them, O Lord.


Lord, I pray for those in pain. Lord, life is rough enough when we are feeling healthy, but pain drains us of our energies and affects our disposition. Sometimes pain is a long-term taskmaster that will not go away. Sometimes pain is emotional, the devastation of our spirits and the breaking of our hearts. O God, help me in my pain and help those I know who are suffering, I pray.


Today I pray for one of the nations of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan, just north of Iran. Lord, most of this nation is Islamic with less than one-tenth of one percent Evangelical Christian. Although there is some measure of religious freedom, we know the nation allows no foreign missionaries. This is a poor land and people need Jesus. We pray that You would multiply the efforts of the few Christians who live there. We pray that the church would grow exponentially and that Your Spirit would draw great numbers to Jesus Christ.


Today I remember AMF, the American Messianic Fellowship. Bless their efforts in sharing the Gospel "to the Jew first" as they build bridges of friendship. Thank You that this ministry is conducted ethically and honestly. Bless them as they reach out and train others to reach out to Your chosen people.


Father, help me to love people of all races and backgrounds, I ask in the Name of the Messiah, Amen.


November 18

by Ed Vasicek


Creator of All,


I praise You that literally everything that I see has been made by You. The only thing not made by You is You, the uncreated One. All creation occurred by a conversation within the Persons of the Godhead. You said, "Let us make man," or "Let there be light." And by Your Word, You created all things out of nothing. You created space, dimension, time, matter and spirit beings: angels. Then You created man, a being who is both physical and spiritual.


Although we humans cannot create something out of nothing, we do recombine what You have created. In that sense, we too are creative. When our creativity is wholesome, it showcases Your image in us. Help me, therefore, to welcome godly creativity and to nurture it in my life. Help me to think outside the box.


Thank You, Lord, that creation is heading somewhere. We wait for the return of Christ to rule during the Kingdom Age and we anticipate the New Heavens and the New Earth.


I ask You to help me to think as a Christian should. Keep me from developing a lazy brain. May I stretch my mind for You. Help me renew my mind by meditating upon Your Word. When I am anxious, help me present my burdens to You and trade them for Your peace. May I have Your calm when appropriate and Your zeal and energy at other times.


Let me remember that You are developing my faith and that You often use difficult times to make me stronger in You. Though I admit that I usually hate such trials, I do appreciate what You have done in my life through them. My choice is to go through them with You or without You. I will go through them either way. I choose to go through them hand in hand with You.


Lord today, I especially remember those looking for a job. Open doors of opportunity and match the right person to the right job. Especially help those who work with integrity and have good character to find employment.


Father, be Lord of my finances. Help me regulate my money with Your wisdom.


Gracious One and Lord of the Great Commission, I bring the nation of Kyrgyzstan before Your throne. More than one half of one percent claim to be born-again evangelicals, a tiny representation of Your Kingdom. The nation is horribly impoverished and corrupt with all sorts of superstitious beliefs mixed with Islam. O, Father, raise up a people for Your Name in this land. Use them to lead the nation to honesty, prosperity, integrity and most importantly salvation. Do a work of Your Spirit here, we pray.


Lord, thank You for the ministry of Bibles for the World as they follow their "dream to give a free copy of the New Testament to all the families of the world in response to the commission of the Lord, 'the Gospel must first be published among all the nations.'" They have sent over 14 million New Testaments to individual homes in over 100 countries. Provide for their needs, give them unity and harmony and bless their work by empowering it with Your Spirit, I ask.


Help me remember relevant Scriptures throughout the day, I ask in Messiah’s Name, Amen.



November 19

by Ed Vasicek




You are the Beginning and the End. You started the events of history; they came to a crescendo when our Lord Jesus died on the cross as a curse for us (Galatians 3:13) and then rose again being boldly declared as the Son of God (Romans 1:4). But one day, the events of history will culminate in the return of Christ to reign and eventually a new heaven and a new earth will replace the current creation.

And just as You were sovereign over eternity past, a time before time, we are now here to enjoy Your sovereign grace for an eternity future, a time after time. You are the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega.


Lord Jesus, You are the head of the Church, which is Your Body. Yet, Lord, church troublemakers are a constant blight to Your body. Unhealthy individuals who either want attention or who bare a grudge against authority or even a secret grudge against You create havoc in church after church. They rationalize their behavior and believe that anyone who opposes them is evil. They know how to manipulate people and often the silent majority refuses to stand up to them. Some go from church to church, while others are entrenched and make it uncomfortable for those who might begin gaining influence. It is sad, sick, unhealthy and devastating to pastors, their families and congregations.


Yet, Lord, this has always been a problem. I read in 3 John 9-10 about Diotrephes: "I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will have nothing to do with us. So if I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, gossiping maliciously about us. Not satisfied with that, he refuses to welcome the brothers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church." O Father, what constant plague troublemakers have been to Your church. Help me not to be one of them. And keep me from being part of the silent majority. Remind me that cowardice is a sin.


O God, encourage my heart. This world is constantly putting me down. Keep me from putting others down and help me stay positive, I request.


I pray for the nation of Laos. Thank You that a little more than one percent of the people claim to be born-again Christians. O Lord, double that number over the next two years, I pray. We pray that persecution might stop completely and that the anti-Christian government and private citizens would recognize these rights You give to all particularly the right of religious freedom. Despite the dangers and lack of trained leadership, thank You that the church is growing. May Your Spirit change hearts and draw even the government leaders to faith in Jesus, I pray. Help the Christians to be shrewd and able to avoid persecution. When they cannot, grant them the grace they need, I ask.


Lord, today is Yours. Remind me of that, I pray in name of Christ, Amen.


November 20

by Ed Vasicek


Mighty Savior,


You are the head of the church, Your body. Church leaders answer to You. Although some people think that having a perfect leader would make for a perfect organization, such is not the case. You are the perfect leader, but Your children do not always follow Your directives. Although most of us want to follow You most of the time, Lord, we fail so often. You are the head in the sense that You are the leader of the organization. You are also the head when we view the church through the illustration of a body. Just as a human head containing the brain directs the actions of the Body, so You want to direct the actions of the church at large and each congregation in particular. Help us never get away from the concept of being held accountable to Your authority by being accountable to Your Word.


Lord, I pray for our government leaders: our President and his cabinet and staff, the Senate, Congress, Judicial System, our Governor, state legislators and state officials. I pray for county and municipal leaders and officials. Father, fill these offices with those who will accomplish Your purposes. Help us to be able to practice and share our faith freely and peacefully.


Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. I find my strength in His power not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I accept responsibility for them and freely bring the sins Your Spirit brings to my mind now: __________________.


Lord, thank You for the Mission to Unreached Peoples as they "focus on the unreached peoples of the world who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically those who live in the 10/40 Window (a region of the world containing parts of Asia and Africa with the fewest believers)." Thank You for their "225 missionaries in 22 countries." Bless them as they evangelize, disciple and invest their lives in fulfilling the Great Commission. Prosper them by providing for their needs, protecting them and giving them fruit for their labor. Give the missionaries harmony among themselves and empower them by Your Holy Spirit.


I remember those who work in our factories. Lord, keep them safe. Help them to be honest, to do their best and help the rest of us to appreciate their labors. May those who know You live out the Christian life before their fellow workers; help them to freely share Christ with their associates.


Father, I pray for those who work as medical assistants, medical records and health information technicians, medical and clinical laboratory technicians and medical secretaries. O Lord, help these workers to do a good job, to be free from significant mistakes and to minister mercy to others. May those who know You share their faith freely by word and deed, I ask.


Help me to let the light of Jesus Christ shine in my life today, O Lord. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 21

by Ed Vasicek




In Isaiah 40:11, we read of You, "He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young." O God, You can be a gentle God, especially when it comes to Your sheep.


Lord, I know no one is born into Your fold. Indeed, we must be born-again to become part of Your special flock. Lord, You carry us close to Your heart. You love us and want us to feel the security of Your heartbeat. You gently lead us. O Father, help us be alert to Your gentle prodding. Just as a shepherd takes into account a sheep with young, so You are fully aware of the special circumstances in our lives. You understand my unique needs.


Thank You that You always stand ready to forgive. The only condition for the believer is confession, a repentant spirit. For those who do not know You, it is repentance toward You and faith in the Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we trust Christ, all our sins are legally forgiven. When we sin as believers, sin causes relational problems between us, a tension in our relationship. Even though I am secure in You, sin creates an obstacle to our fellowship. When I confess my wrong, You immediately forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.


Help me to forgive as You forgive. You forgive me when I meet the condition of repentance; help me to forgive others when they repent as well. May I stand ready to forgive.


God, like every one of the billions of people who inhabit our world, I am vulnerable. So, Lord, please send angels to watch over me and protect me. Keep me from harm and evil of every kind.


Today I remember the nation of Indonesia. About 4% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals, but many Christians are untrained and in need of discipleship. Lord, the forces of Islam are seeking to hinder the freedom Christians have to share their faith and live the Christian life. O, Father, we pray that a spirit of tolerance would grip the land. We pray that You would strengthen the prayer movement, use the Jesus film and help the church to be in line with the teachings of Your Word.


May the number of believers double over the next decade and may You raise up strong leaders and strong training ministries.


Lord, thank You for the ministry of CAM: "an evangelical non-profit, mission-sending agency currently serving in seven countries around the world.... CAM is devoted to proclaiming the gospel to Spanish-speaking people throughout the world and in partnering with the Spanish-speaking church to train and develop Latin leaders for service in global missions. CAM performs a wide variety of ministry efforts with a strong focus on evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership training and development, theological education and global missions mobilization." O Father, continue to bless this ministry. Provide, protect, empower and grant harmony to the workers, I pray.


Help me to be faithful to Your tasks for me today, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.



November 22

by Ed Vasicek


Great God,


Your Word talks about the time when You, The Ancient of Days, will take Your seat to rule over all. But first You will judge all. In Daniel's visions (Daniel 7:9-10), You are described as having hair like pure wool. Your throne seems to be on fire with a river of fire proceeding from Your throne. Millions worshipped and served You as they brought the books to open them.


Lord, I know Daniel saw a vision that represents You, not You as You really are, for "no man has seen God at any time" (John 1:18). Whether we are talking about the vision Moses had of You, the vision the elders of Israel had of You, the vision Isaiah, Ezekiel, or John the Apostle had – these are all representations of Who You are. You are Spirit, though You have appeared to men in a number of physical forms. In Jesus Christ God the Son became incarnate. But even then, Your majesty was veiled by human flesh.


O God, help me to be awestruck by Who You are. Help me to convert that sense of being overwhelmed into faithfulness. I remember the parable of the talents in which the master replied to his faithful servants, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things" (Matthews 25:21a). So Lord, worship experiences that do not affect me throughout the week and translate into service for You is mere emotion. You want me to worship in Spirit and in Truth. You are not interested in mere emotion, but repeatedly ask, "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?" (Luke 6:46).


I remember my enemies and those I do not really care for. I ask You to bless them and if appropriate to grant them repentance. Help me to respond in a proper way to them. Help me to understand the difference between loving my enemy, my neighbor, my brother or sister in Christ, my spouse, children and family. Help me distinguish between the love of duty and a love that embraces emotionally. May I not make more stringent demands upon myself than You make upon me.


I pray for the nation of Denmark. Thank You for the 4.8% of the population that claim to be born-again evangelical Christians. Many of the people claim a formal form of Christianity, but they do not attend church and do not have a personal, living relationship with the Risen Christ. Please use the Jesus Film, the Danish Bible Society and may Your Spirit also empower the new and promising Christian youth movement.


On another continent, thank You for Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa which "has formed a missionary partnership with TEAM and SIM to increase the work of the ministry" in South Africa. Bless this work, keep it true to You and provide resources, protection and the blessing of Your Spirit.


Father, I pray for those who work as network systems and data communications analysts. May many in these fields come to know Jesus and help those who know You to spread the good news, I ask.


Lord, encourage me and help me encourage someone today. I commit this day to You in Jesus' Name, Amen.


November 23

by Ed Vasicek


My Great Master in Heaven,


You become angry with those Who give you mere lip service, as You explain, when "people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me" (Isaiah 29:13).


You are not a God Who wants image or impression; You want substance and heart-felt sincerity. You do not want our token efforts or half-hearted allegiance. You want us to love and serve You with all of our hearts. Your Son discouraged us from praying with useless repetition or a sheer volume of words (Matthew 6:7). You are only pleased with the simple and sincere, not mechanical religion. You are a no-nonsense God. May I never forget this truth, O Lord.


Lord, help me to bear up under the trials, disappointments, fears and tribulations of life including: _________________________.


Lord, I remember that the trying of my faith works patience and patience experience and experience hope (Romans 5:3-4). You use trials in my life to develop me, to teach me, to try me, to discipline me and to make me strong, for when I am weak, then I am strong. Lord, sometimes this sounds more like theory than practice. I often do not appreciate this. But then I remember that You are the Potter and I am the clay. I'll try to trust You even when I cannot understand Your ways.


Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today. He and his many demons are on the prowl, but help me not to be ignorant of his schemes. Help me overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony (Revelation 12:11).


Lord, help me to remember not to make decisions based upon my emotions. Help me not to confuse the emotional with the spiritual. Help me remember that, “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool” (Proverbs 28:26); instead help me cling to Your Word and the direction given by wise fellow-believers. Help me be cautious and wise in making decisions and to weigh the long-term effects of my choices carefully and realistically.


Lord, You have done a great work in the African nation of Zimbabwe. Thank You that over 25% of Zimbabwe’s 12 million people claim to be born-again evangelical Christians. I praise You that You doubled the number of believers during the 1990s. It is my prayer that the church would not only continue to grow in numbers but in depth. Father, AIDS and land issues have plagued this nation. Turn things around, O Father, and may You get the glory!


Lord, bless the Associations of Baptists for World Evangelism, a ministry that serves churches of many Baptist and non-Baptist groups. As they explain it, "the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism is an independent mission agency that exists to serve local churches in the task of sending missionaries around the world. ABWE, with ministries in over 70 countries, services over 5,000 churches and 1,250 missionaries." O Father, grant them harmony, safety, provision and the power of Your Spirit as they serve You and share Christ with others. Help those they reach to become mature in You. Bless them, I pray.


Now, Lord, help keep my heart true to You today, I ask in Messiah’s Name, Amen.


November 24

by Ed Vasicek


Holy Father,


You are a patient God. You are longsuffering and rarely in a hurry. Because of Your patience, You delay Your wrath. You are not willing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance. Before You drove out the people of Canaan before the Israelites, You gave them decades, even centuries, to repent. Before You sent the children of Israel into captivity, You gave them centuries – about 490 years. Because they did not observe the sabbatical years every seventh year, You caught up by giving the land rest for 70 years, the Babylonian Captivity (2 Chronicles 36:21). Without our repentance, Your wrath is merely delayed. But during the times of Your patience, You call us to turn from our sins and to turn to You. Your kindness leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4), and we should not confuse your patience with laxness (2 Peter 3:9).


Lord, we thank You that You have called us to be a kingdom of priests. We have direct access to heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord; we can intercede for those Who are lost or Who need special spiritual attention, and we can offer You the sacrifice of praise, namely the fruit of our lips. We are a royal priesthood as children of the King.


So Lord, help me to pray without ceasing, praying off and on throughout the day. May I remember to send up casual and quick prayers and praise all day long.


Lord, help me to manage my finances in a way that pleases You. Prosper me to the degree You see fit. Help me trust You during good times and bad and may I be a good steward of what You have given me.


Abba, Father, I have many needs. Life has a way of throwing curveballs and I find it easy to strike out. Give me wisdom when I face the unexpected. Help me to delay my responses and conduct myself with wisdom. Keep me from making a fool of myself or blurting out responses I will later regret.


Lord, I pray for the North African nation of Libya. There are no opportunities in this land for open evangelism and only .3% of the population falls under the category of born-again evangelical. Secret police monitor to make sure evangelism does not occur and almost all of the Christians in the land are foreigners. O Lord, use radio, literature and Internet access to reach Libyans for Jesus Christ. May the number of Christians grow by twenty times over the next decade and may true religious freedom reign in this land. Hover over Libya, O Holy Spirit!


Lord, thank You for the Asia Evangelistic Fellowship, "an indigenous and interdenominational faith mission dedicated to the task of evangelism and pioneer missions.... The AEF mobilizes and equips national evangelists and missionaries in Asian countries to reach out to their own people groups. Today AEF International...has more than 200 national missionaries and associates serving in nine fields...Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines and India."

O Lord, help this ministry to be effective for You. Grant them harmony, provision, protection and the power of Your Spirit.


Please send angels to watch over me and my loved ones today, I ask in Christ's Name, Amen.


November 25

by Ed Vasicek


Ever-present Lord,


You are the God Who delivered Daniel from the lions' den. You worked a miracle and closed the mouths of those hungry lions. Yet on the other hand, lions in the Roman Coliseum killed many faithful Christians. You are the God Who can deliver, but You do not always choose to do so (Hebrews 11:32-38). And so, Lord, we trust You and Your power, but we also acknowledge that Your ways are higher than ours, for we cannot reduce You down to a formula. And we ask, not command; we request, not demand; we can plead our case, but we do not always understand Your long-term purpose.


Father, I pray for those believers who are in the military, or whose family or friends are serving. O Lord, protect them and bring lasting peace and freedom to our world, I pray.


Precious Lord, many couples struggle with their marriages. Lord, help struggling couples to endure, to address problems as they arise and to humble themselves before You. Help wives to accept the nature of men and men the nature of their wives. Help individuals to repent of the sins that create problems and help each one to face his or her own sin, reminding each one that they cannot change their spouses, only themselves.


Father, I intercede for believers who are struggling with substance abuse, addictions, or other bad or undesirable habits. Some practices are wrong, even in moderation. Others are wrong in excess. Others are wrong only because they become enslaving. Help us all to put off our bad ways and replace them with positively constructive ways. Rather than steal, let us labor to give to those in need. Rather than gossip, let us praise. Instead of being drunk with wine, help us to be filled with Your Spirit. Help us replace the undesirable with the good or at least the neutral.


My God, I pray for the Yunnan Province of China with its 42 million people. Lord, in some communities the Gospel has been well received. Among some of the people groups in the area, there is hardly a Christian to be found. All in all, well over 3% of the population would claim to be born-again and evangelical. Lord, work among all the people groups there, I pray, especially the Han Chinese.

Speed Bible translation into the indigenous languages of the various people. Thank you that 22 projects are underway. Lord, may the number of believers double over this next decade, I pray.


Heavenly King, bless Asian Outreach International, "an alliance of interdependent Christian ministries worldwide. The Alliance is bound together by a common faith in Christ and commitment to the ministry of the Gospel to Asians. [Their] mission is carried out by committed Christians from both Asian and non-Asian countries who serve together and use every means possible to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to Asian people everywhere." Father, keep them true to You. Protect them, provide for them, empower them by Your Spirit and give them great wisdom and much fruit. May they work in harmony with one another and with You, I ask.


Help me live in harmony with Your will for me today, I request in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 26

by Ed Vasicek




Your Word describes Jesus Christ as "the Power of God" (1 Corinthians 1:24). Of course He is much more than that. He is God in the flesh. He is the Second Adam. He is the Savior – and a host of other descriptions fit Him. But He is also the Power of God. Although He seemed to be weak in His death – He was led like a lamb to the slaughter and suffered the pain, humiliation and indignity of death on a cross – what appeared to be weakness was actually power. For by His submission He ransomed us, doomed Satan and provided the foundation for a New Heaven and a New Earth. It was soon apparent that His weakness was not weakness at all, as He arose powerfully from the grave!


Lord, when I am down and depressed, help me not to feel guilty about that. The Psalmist did not feel guilty when he cried, "Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD" (Psalm 130:1). Depression and feeling blue are part of life. Even Jesus is described as "a man of sorrows" (Isaiah 53:3). There is "a time to weep and a time to laugh" (Ecclesiastes 3:4). But do not let me think that my depression will last forever, that I am a complete failure, or that I am defective. Lord, those are lies from the devil and I claim the protection of the blood of Christ. Help me put on the helmet of salvation so that my thoughts become guarded!


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: __________________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


I pray for Christians who are straying from their first love or compromising their walk with You. Rekindle the faith they once professed and help them fervently love the Savior once again. Remove their boring view of serving You and help them see the adventure and fulfillment of walking daily in Your light. Stir up their hearts and help them make the routines of godliness a part of their lives. I especially remember: __________________.


Father, the nation of Iran is in my prayers today. Although we have heard a lot about this nation in the news, we pray for the people of Iran, that they might be saved. Lord, we cannot get reliable figures, but there are probably only a few thousand believers in Iran, if that, less than one tenth of one percent. With Iran being over 99% Muslim and noted for intolerance, 5 million Iranians live outside the nation. Thank You for their 70 congregations. We pray, Lord, that freedom would reign in Iran and that the Gospel would spread and multiply. The Magi came from Iran (Persia) to see the Christ child and we pray that the people of Iran would likewise come to Christ.


Lord, thank You for the Belgian Evangelical Mission whose "vision is to reach everyone in Belgium with the Gospel by evangelizing every generation and people group, planting churches in every city and town and inspiring the evangelical community." O God, bless this ministry and grant them great fruit for their labors. Empower them, grant them harmony, provide for and protect them, O Lord. Europe is such a difficult mission field. Help this ministry to destroy the barriers of secular humanism and make deep inroads with Your Gospel.


Help me to make inroads with the Gospel in my family and among my friends, I pray in the matchless Name of Jesus, Amen.


November 27

by Ed Vasicek


Dear God,


I know that You, Almighty God, are the Fountain of All Wisdom. You are wise in every meaning of the Word. No one is more in touch with reality than You are. You completely understand cause and effect, You know the consequences of choices Your creatures make, You understand discretion, prudence, reason and are more rational than the sum total of all creation.


Lord, help me to draw from Your wisdom. Your Word tells me that You enjoy giving Your children wisdom; we need to ask for it, cultivate it and value it. So often the people who value wisdom are wise, while those who do not seek wisdom are typically foolish. So help me seek wisdom as You direct in Your Word, particularly with the book of Proverbs.


Lord, thank You that prayer changes me. Thank You that prayer often changes events. Although You will not grant our prayers when outside Your will, there are many things You will only give us IF we pray. So often we have not because we ask not. So today, I am asking!


Thank You, Lord, that I need others to be happy and fulfilled. Sometimes I feel lonely and alone; help me not to cower in a corner, but help me to jump into my church, neighborhood and community. You made me to be social, just as You are social. Help me nurture that social part of my being and not cower in fear.


Help me remember that our church is a body and that I have a part to play. Help me to be forbearing, to confront when necessary and not to be touchy. Help me maintain a realistic view about human nature even among the regenerate, so that I do not hold false expectations that will be frustrated.


Father, I remember persecuted believers everywhere. Many thousands have died for their faith over the last few decades and the war of abuse continues. Help believers in countries where persecution is part of government policy – or where the government encourages others to do the persecution and looks the other way – to be especially wise at averting it. Help those who cannot avoid persecution without denying Christ to be strong and firm. Empower them for the trials that await them. We pray that the persecutors would themselves be won to Christ and that persecuting nations would be won over to the idea of true religious freedom. We pray especially for Guatemala, the Muslim portion of the Philippines, Eritrea, Kurdistan and Ethiopia, nations 51-55 of the 86 nations noted for persecution.


Lord, please intervene as Your children suffer and die for the Gospel. I ask You to stop the persecution.

Lord, I pray for The Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims, "prayer, information and literature service for Christians who are concerned with sharing the Gospel with Muslims." They are an interdenominational, international service ministry. Although they do not send out missionaries, they help equip others to share their faith with Muslims. O God, bless this work, I pray.


Help me show love to those I come in contact with on a daily basis, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


November 28

by Ed Vasicek


O Mighty King,


You are the God Who is trustworthy; therefore You want me to trust in You. You want me to exercise faith in You. You want me to submit to You even in the midst of my confusion, during dilemmas and when I am engulfed in despair. You are trustworthy. You love me even when circumstances cry out, seemingly denying Your love with their loud shrill cries. Your faithfulness reaches down out of heaven like a lifeline to a deep sea diver. You want me to surrender to You and You offer me strength and an inner joy that defies explanation or reason. You want me to delight myself in You.


Lord, sometimes I have to deal with people who are evil, wicked, unreasonable and fickle. Sometimes the evil advance ahead of me and leave me behind and I find myself vulnerable to their choices. O God, help me to remember that, in time, they will fade away. Remind me that "wisdom is vindicated by her children." Help me to distinguish between loving people I dislike and loving my friends and family and then to show the proper kind of Christian love.


My Master, help me address the frequent sense I have of being in a hurry. O Father, help me control and organize my time; help me to learn to say "no" when appropriate. Help me to be more concerned about pleasing You than making other people happy or avoiding complaints. Help me live a balanced life based upon who I am, not who I should be or want to be. Lord, help me to leave room for the unknown in the realms of time, energy and money. Keep me from trying to squeeze every minute, every dime, every ounce of energy. Remind me that You do not need me. You delight in using me, but You do not need me.


Lord, I am thankful for many things three of which are: __________________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me today.


Lord, today I pray for the Zhejiang Province of China with its 45 million people. Thank You for the great work You have done here! Probably over 10% of the population is made up of born-again evangelicals. Thank You, Lord! Father, I pray that the government would encourage rather than persecute the church. O Lord, double the number of believers over the next decade and please do a work throughout China like what You have done in the Zhejiang Province. Help the church to mature, I ask.


Lord, thank You for the Church Mission Society. "CMS is committed to responding to God's call to evangelistic mission, particularly in places where 'the name of Jesus is rarely heard' and works in close fellowship with local Christians wherever possible." O Lord, provide, protect, empower and reap a generous harvest of souls as a result of the efforts of this mission, I pray. Grant them harmony and zeal.

Now, Lord, help me be zealous for You today, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen.


November 29

by Ed Vasicek


My Wonderful God,


The Savior is sometimes referred to as The Bridegroom (John 3:29). As a bridegroom anticipates being with his bride, so the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting to enjoy His bride – the completed church – forever. One day, we will all be with Him, celebrating the marriage supper of the Lamb and enjoying our destiny as Christians. Like the ancient bride in the Middle East, the bridegroom will come at an unexpected time to literally sweep the bride off her feet and carry her away to a banquet at her father's home, so we wait to hear, "Here's the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!" (Matthew 25:6). Just as a groom would build on a room to his father’s house for him and his bride, so our Lord Jesus is preparing a place for us in glory in His Father’s house (John 14:2-3).


But Lord, right now, I am not in Your house. I am an alien and a stranger, Your ambassador, bearing testimony to Your grace in a world that by and large rejects You. So help me to be in this world – to participate – but not to be "of the world" – not to become corrupted by it.


Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today. I put on Your armor by faith, so that I may do battle for You as a faithful solider. I claim the victory because greater are You, Holy Spirit, Who is in me than he who is in the world – the devil (1 John 4:4).


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: __________________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: __________________.


Lord, today I pray for the Continent of Europe with its 725 million people. With the collapse of communism and the predominance of secular humanism in western Europe, born-again evangelical Christians have become sparse, only about 2.4% of the population. But thank You, Lord, that the growth rate is upward, even if at just 1.8%. O Father, do a mighty work in Europe as You did twice before: when Christianity swept the Roman Empire and again (regionally) during the Reformation. May the former communist countries turn to You in epidemic proportions and may the Gospel reassert itself over the lifeless secular humanism which has swept much of the continent.


Thank You, Lord, for Chinese Overseas Christian Mission, "an interdenominational mission with the objectives of bringing the gospel to the Chinese scattered over Europe through pioneering evangelism, church planting, training and literature work. The mission’s vision is 'where there are Chinese, may Christ be there also.' [They] also desire to “Reach the Chinese to reach Europe.'" O Lord, grant them fruit for their labor. May they not only effectively reach the Chinese people scattered throughout Europe, but may they effectively reach other Europeans as well. Prosper, protect and empower them. Grant the workers harmony and wisdom, I pray.


I remember those who work as operating engineers and other construction equipment operators. Lord, give them safety on the job and may those who know You bear strong testimony to the salvation they have in Christ Jesus.


Help me to live wisely today, I pray in His Name, Amen.


November 30

by Ed Vasicek


God of the Years,


Although we age and pass away from this life like the grass, You go on unscathed by time. Yet You are the Ancient of Days. Your eternal nature compliments Your infinite wisdom. We tend to think of gray or white hair as a sign of both age and the accumulated wisdom of age. But You have always had all wisdom and knowledge. When Daniel saw a vision of You, He wrote, "As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool. His throne was flaming with fire and its wheels were all ablaze" (Daniel 7:9). I praise You as the "all wise One." Thank You for sharing some of Your wisdom in Your Word.


Lord, I have some specific requests to bring before You today. They are: __________________.


First John says that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me those sins, and You will purify me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). I confess the sins I am aware of now and I ask Your Spirit to search my heart. (Pause to admit them to God.)


Help me to do my part by volunteering to serve or continuing to serve in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. May I set my roots down deeply and to attend every week I am able to do so.


Lord, help me to be a kind, compassionate person. Help me to check arrogance and get a true estimate of myself, Your estimate. Help me to reach out to newcomers at church, to open my home, to learn to relax and be at ease with others and to make them feel comfortable with me.


Today I pray for Hong Kong, formerly a British colony but now under the protection of the People's Republic of China. Its 7.5 million people are among Asia’s wealthiest. Thank You that the Chinese government is still respecting the right to religious freedom in Hong Kong. O Father, may that freedom continue. Thank You that over 5% of the population claim to be born-again evangelicals. Since many Chinese Christians migrated to other nations before the 1997 turnover of Hong Kong to China, the church needs mature leaders. O God, stir up the Christians in Hong. May the number of believers double over the next decade, I ask. Help the church to become mature and strong in You.


Thank You for the ministry of Feba, "Feba has program production and coordination centers in India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UK. We arrange international broadcasting using a number of different stations, while in Africa Feba owns an FM station and partners the operation of another. [They] work to reach the unreached with the Gospel, penetrating areas torn apart by war or ravaged by natural bring the Good News of Jesus to people in a language they understand." O God, provide for, guide, empower and bless this ministry, I pray.


Help me to be a patient person today, I ask in Messiah’s Name, Amen.

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