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Government, Right and Wrong, and the Justice of God
by Ed Vasicek

I thought the cartoon interesting: a man was phoning his pastor during a crisis. With a fraught look, the man asks the minister: "My wife has left me, my kids are on drugs, and my life is falling apart. Can you explain to me the difference between amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism?"

At that moment, why would someone worry about end-time events? (Okay, maybe I could see asking about the rapture as a hope of escape.) That was the point of the comic: some things that people heatedly debate mean little during a crisis.  But that does not mean we can just write off the importance of correct beliefs.  Proper theology is relevant to our personal lives and to our society.

For example, because many Catholics, some of the Reformers, and many of the Puritans did not agree with our perspective of end-time events, some assumed the church had the right to oversee government. They believed that the church is now experiencing the Millennium and that the church reigns in Christ's stead. Hence the intense power of the Pope in the Middle Ages and the burning of witches in Massachusetts. Thousands upon thousands have died because of this theological belief.

Close to home, religious people debate over the death penalty, ordination of homosexuals, pacifism, politics, abortion, genetic engineering, and a thousand other issues that relate directly to our lives and society. Most of these issues are debated because of theological differences between debaters.

Who cares what God is really like, as long as we believe there is one God?  Right? Wrong! What we believe about God is more than just a technical matter.  Logically, our entire world view, including our perspective about right and wrong, firmness and grace, punishment or pardon, and even salvation flow from what we believe God to be like. Such is especially true with God's qualities of holiness, justice, and love.

Liberal theologians pave the way for social liberalism. In liberal theology, God is PRIMARILY a God of love. Some even go so far as to say the God of the Old Testament is a God of justice and holiness; they say Jesus came to change the popular view of God (as though the Old Testament was misleading) to that of a benevolent, tolerant deity. Those who emphasize God's love and either minimize or deny his holiness and justice come out with a "Christianity" that is very different from those of us who believe that holiness is his central attribute.

If God's holiness is only a minor issue, then the God of love certainly would not keep anyone out of heaven. If not benevolently allowing all into heaven, he would perhaps deny only the particularly evil access to paradise. But then again, "How could a God of love send anyone to hell?" If God is a God of love ONLY, He would not send anyone to hell. If "God doesn't send anyone to hell, people send themselves" is the answer, then you must insist that God cannot undo what people have done. You now have a God who is a weakling.  Of course, the reason God sends people to hell is because God is holy and just.

The case is strong that God's central attribute is his holiness. He is above all, unique and separate from his creation. He is sinless, without flaw.  The Bible says, "God is light," and "light" is the chosen imagery of holiness. The seraphim and cherubim cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4), not "Loving, Loving, Loving." The Third Person of the Trinity is the HOLY Spirit, not the Loving Spirit (though He is that, too). A concordance study might convince you that God's holiness is an attribute to be reckoned with.

This also explains why Jesus had to die, why the cup of God's wrath could not pass from him. Because God is holy and just (justice is a key aspect of his holiness), the death of Christ was necessary to satisfy God's righteous wrath (Romans 5:9).  Christ became a sin offering to the Father on our behalf (Hebrews 9:24ff).

God's wrath and anger are provoked when his holiness is assaulted by our acts of rebellion.

God's wrath does not just "go away." It can be redirected or delayed, but it does express itself. When godly King Josiah first heard the Law, he and the people repented. Because of this, God delayed his wrath upon Judah. His wrath had been accumulating but was delayed, not eliminated.  Josiah inquired of the prophetess Huldah, who stated:

"This is what the LORD says: 'I am going to bring disaster on this place and its people—all the curses written in the book...Because they have forsaken anger will be poured out on this place and will not be quenched...Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before will be buried in peace. Your eyes will not see all the disaster I am going to bring on this place...'" (2 Chronicles 34:24-28).

Note that God's wrath would be delayed, but not forgotten. At the cross, God's delayed wrath toward those who lived in Old Testament times, and his anticipated wrath toward those who lived after Calvary, was satisfied through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Like Josiah, the lost sinner needs to humble himself in repentance and exercise saving faith. But in the case of salvation, God's wrath toward us is not merely delayed, it has been exercised and turned to grace through Calvary.

God is not a softie. He always stands ready to forgive the repentant, but he does not forgive the non-repentant. As far as salvation goes, our sins have been forgiven in a blanket fashion—all of them—the moment we turn from our sins and turn to Christ. However, known sins break our fellowship with God. When we consciously sin, our salvation is intact, but our relationship to God is impaired. Confession—admitting our guilt and seeking God's help to change—is required for us to be on cordial terms with God once again; we are cleansed.  A holy God relates best to a cleansed believer.

But what about government, homosexuality, or enforcement of law? How is this affected by our view of God?

God has ordained government to take revenge (exercise wrath) in his stead (Romans 13:4), particularly for murder (Genesis 9:6, hence the death penalty). God is concerned about justice, which is why most Christians take a non-pacifist position if a war is deemed "just." Although God loves the immoral, he warns that adultery or homosexuality is descriptive of those who "...will not inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Corinthians 6:9-10), and he tells them they can indeed change (1 Corinthians 6:11a).  God is not merely the permissive God of Love. God makes himself clear: "...I will not acquit the guilty..." (Exodus 23:7).

God's acceptance is conditioned upon repentance. God's love motivates him to offer escape from his wrath through repentance. This escape may not always mean deliverance from the consequences of sin in this life but is rather the promise of a "not guilty" verdict for eternity and unbroken fellowship with God now.

Your theology affects more than which church you choose Sunday morning (and it ought to at least do that!). If you take God's truth seriously, it affects your entire perspective on life.

September 16

by Ed Vasicek


Dear Lord,


As soon as we are born, the timer of our lifespan begins. For some, it is long, for others short; for many others, somewhere in between. And Lord, we have all experienced the pain of losing someone close to us, someone whose absence grieves us. How our hearts can ache at times, how we would love to visit with those who are no longer consciously here on earth. At the same time, we find strength and courage in You; but we admit that those who have gone ahead of us, particularly those who knew You and served You well, also inspire us.


The same is true in the Kingdom of God. Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. For the believer, there is a better life to come. But in Christ, I have already "come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel" (Hebrews 12:22-24). Lord, I am part of a big plan; help me to be faithful to You during my pilgrimage on earth.


Lord, I am thankful for plenty of things. You have been good. Two of the things for which I am thankful include: _______________.


Lord, may Your Spirit fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own power. May Your Spirit control me this day.


Also, Father, create in me a hunger and thirst for Your Word. Nothing can substitute for time in Your Word: no music, no drama, not even prayer. Just as I must eat to be healthy, so I must feast on Your Word if I am to be spiritually healthy.


Lord, I pray for the Asian (Eurasian) nation of Turkey with its 70 million people. Although Turkey technically recognizes religious freedom, there is still some persecution and discrimination against Christians in this land where 99.64% of the population are Muslims. Evangelical Christians are so few that the percentage of them is 0%. Turkey is one of the least reached nations in the world. O Father, begin to do a work here like You are beginning to do in other Muslim lands. Send dreams to the people, use Christian radio broadcasts and draw many to Yourself, I pray. May the number of believers grow a thousandfold over the next few years, I ask.


Lord, I pray for India National Inland Mission, Inc., "headquartered in New Delhi, India, with outreach concentrated in the largely unevangelized northern states of India. INIM includes Grace Bible College for the training of native evangelists who go out into North India and establish churches. The organization also maintains a children’s home for orphans." Lord, use and bless this ministry, I ask. Prosper them, provide for them, protect the workers, grant them harmony and empower them by Your Spirit to Your glory!


Dear God, I commit my day to You, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



September 17

by Ed Vasicek


My Father in heaven,


Lord, You are a "consuming fire." If I put a knife in the fire, it is purified and clean; so You, represented by the fire, are pure. You are completely clean and holy. When Moses saw You represented by the Burning Bush, he marveled that the bush burned but was not consumed. So You, O God, are eternal and Your holiness cannot be quenched.


As a fire separates the impurities from fine gold, so Your gaze sees through all and removes the dross from the precious metal. The fire represents Your wrath and judgment, so we fear You. The fire represents Your guidance, as You led the children of Israel by the Shekinah of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire by night. When Your Spirit was given on the Day of Pentecost, tongues of fire appeared over the heads of the disciples. Fire represents the zeal we have for You and the cleansing work of Your Spirit. Fire is a form of power and represents the power of Your Spirit. You are a consuming fire, O Lord.


O Father, sometimes I need to have the fire rekindled in me. I know I cannot live the Christian life with constant enthusiasm in high gear. I know the difference between adrenaline and Your steady zeal. The feelings I experienced as a new believer cannot be forever maintained. But I can be aglow with love for You, Lord. So please light the fire in me once again.


Thank You, Lord, for taking me from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. You have made me a citizen of this new kingdom and enlisted me in Your army. Then You dropped me back again behind enemy lines. As I live in the Kingdom of Darkness, help me remember my citizenship is not here; I am forever a foreigner in the Kingdom of Darkness. I am an advance scout for the Kingdom of Light. You, O Lord, are at the door waiting to return. And so I live in the intersection between the Kingdom of Darkness, the Kingdom of the past – and the Kingdom of Light which will break forth perhaps very soon. Help me maintain my identity and loyalty with that coming kingdom. I pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


Thank You for The International Christians Centers for the Deaf as they minister in the U.S., Mexico, and Cuba. Bless them as they, "plant churches for the deaf: to provide pastoral care for the deaf; to involve the deaf in evangelism; to involve the deaf in church ministry; and as they establish schools: to bridge the communication gap to the deaf by teaching the students Sign Language in order to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, His salvation and abundant life which He offers to them; to give the deaf students an education, develop their God-given potential and a vocational skill." Lord, provide for, bless, empower and grant harmony to this ministry.


Now help me serve You today, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


September 18

by Ed Vasicek


My God and my Father,


You are distinct from Your creation, not part of it. Although You are present in the universe, You existed before the universe came into being. Although Your creation demonstrates Your handiwork, You are not part of Your creation. There is You, O God, and then there is creation. You created everything except You by You. You are uncreated and eternal, always the same. You are the cause for all that is. Past, present and future are the same to You. You are the great, "I Am." You are Yahweh, the Lord.


Father, I thank You for Your Holy Spirit! He is convicting the world of sin, righteousness and judgment and restraining evil. Because of His influence, things are not as bad as they could be or as they one day will be! Although human beings are depraved – meaning helpless to remedy their lost condition – we are not as bad as we could be. Between our consciences and the influence of Your Spirit, much evil is held back. Thank You, Lord.


My Father in heaven, help me to be wise here on earth. Make me be a person of discernment. There is no shortage of false teachers; some are obvious, others are slick. Help me not be gullible but discerning, discreet and perceptive. The best way for me to recognize error is to know the truth. Make me a person of the Book, O Lord.


I remember parents. Lord, parents are so important to those little ones entrusted to their care. May parents everywhere protect and train their children in humane and balanced ways. Help them to love their children, not to spoil them and to encourage them toward positive directions. We pray that Christian parents would prove to be consistent role models for their young ones. Send angels to protect them, I pray.


I remember the Panjab State of India in my prayer today with its 24 million people. Lord, nearly 1% claim to be born-again evangelicals. As small a percentage as this is, thank You, Lord, that the church is growing and church attendance tripled during the 1990s. Father, do a great work in this land. May the number of believers double within the next 5 years, I ask. I pray that every people group in this state would have at least one church functioning within the next five years. May Your Spirit hover over this area!


Lord, thank You for the ministry of International Christian Concern, "a non profit and interdenominational human rights organization...dedicated to assisting and sustaining Christians who are victims of persecution and discrimination due to practicing their faith. Since 1995, has been assisting the persecuted church. ICC builds, assists, sustains, raises awareness and provides advocacy for the worldwide persecuted Christian Church striving to exemplify faithfulness to our Lord." Father, bless this important work. Lord, may persecution against Christians and other religious groups be a thing of the past. May a new wave of freedom sweep over our world.


Help me to freely share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with someone soon, I pray, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


September 19

by Ed Vasicek


My Faithful Master,


You are the God of peace; You are at peace with Yourself and through Christ’s death, we now have peace with You. But You also help me to experience peace because You love to share Your peace with Your Children. When I present my cares to You, You provide me with Your peace. You are always confident; You are righteous in all Your ways. Father, I cannot imagine what You are like. You know the outcomes of all things, so You never worry and You never guess. At the same time, You feel compassion for me, even though I often guess and often worry. You are an oasis of peace and a break from the chaos of life. Thanks for Your peace. Help me to avail myself of it more frequently.


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: ______________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


I pray for the elderly, sickly, and shut-in, including: _______________.


Help me to be an alert Christian, Lord. I do not want to be numbered among those who value peace so much that I keep my head in the sand or deny undesirable realities. No, I need to understand how I am led into sin, how the devil tempts me and to have answers for the questions people are asking. I need to read, study and tool up as one of Your workers. I can neither rest on my laurels nor live in the past, for You have placed me in today's world. That means You want me to address today's challenges. Help me to be brave and to do so, I ask.


Father, I pray for our president, governor, federal and local senators and representatives and judges of all kinds. Help them to do what is right, to seek You and to please You.


Lord, I pray for the city or town in which I live (or the nearest such place). Father, I pray that many in this city/town would come to know You. May the number of true believers grow at least 50% over the next decade. Send Your Spirit to draw men, women and young people to Yourself. Help me to be a faithful witness to Your saving grace there. Although You have not called all of us to be missionaries – to cross cultures, You do call each of us to be Your witnesses and to share Your Gospel. Help me to do so, O Lord.


Lord, thank You for the ministry of International Christian Ministries and their important work with the African Church! "ICM exists in order to serve the church by discipling and equipping its leaders.... ICM envisions a future where a mature African Church leads the global Church in fulfilling the Great Commission through the practical application of the Great Commandment." Lord, bring unity and harmony to the African church through this and other ministries, I pray. Help them to mobilize the church to take ownership of the Great Commission for their continent. May they send out translators, evangelists and trainers to seed, nurture and repair the body of Christ there. Bless them, I ask!

Help me to remember to be about Your business, I also ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



September 20

by Ed Vasicek




You are the God Who Keeps His Covenant.


Thank You for being faithful, trustworthy and dependable. You personify integrity. When You make an unconditional promise, You keep it unconditionally. When You make a conditional promise, You keep it as You stated. You do not change Your contracts after the fact, but Your calling and purposes are irrevocable. We humans renege, we rationalize and we fudge. But not You. O Lord. Your faithfulness reaches toward the heavens. Your "yes" means "yes" and Your "no" means "no." You do not vacillate and have no hint of fickleness.


Oh, Lord, help me to be more like You. Help me to remember that it is better not to make a vow than to make a vow and not keep it. Make my commitments few, but help me to keep the few I make. Let my "yes" mean "yes" and my "no" mean "no." Keep working in me, O Lord, to conform me to the image of Christ.


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: ______________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: ______________.


Lord, I empty myself before You so that Your Spirit may fill me. I find my strength in His power not my own. May Your Spirit control me today. May He control me at home, work and play. May the fruit of the Spirit characterize my life, O Lord. Search me, O Lord, and try my heart. Show me what I need to see about myself.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me of them, and You will cleanse me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). So I bring my sins before You now. I do not excuse them, but I freely admit them and ask for Your forgiveness.


I remember the hungry, the destitute, the abandoned, the sick and the elderly. Oh, Lord, be a God of compassion and provide for them. Change world conditions so that fewer people are hungry and bring medical help to the world.


Lord, I am humbled to realize that over 43 million people have died for their Christian faith since the time of Christ. Over 150,000 die every year. O Father, I beg of You to see to it that this persecution stops! I pray for nations #21 to 25 from the persecution index of 86 countries where persecution is a problem. Today I pray for Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Azerbaijan and Mexico (the southern portion of this country).


Lord, thank You for International Health Services, a branch of the Salvation Army: "it has operated hospitals and clinics in some of the most needy areas of the world...currently has 183 health programs running in 39 countries, focusing on healthcare and the prevention of disease. Almost all of these include response to HIV/AIDS." Thank You, Lord, for these ministries. Bless them, prosper them and may they share the love of Christ to those whom they serve.


Lord, help me to be filled with joy rather than negativism so that others might see Christ in me, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.



September 21

by Ed Vasicek


O Lord,


You are so patient! You are a God of wrath, but You delay Your wrath because You are patient. You are not willing for any to perish and so You are long-suffering. Your patience has limits, but it is impressive. You have allowed this world to continue on in sin for thousands of years; one day, Your Son will return to set up His Kingdom and bring in the reign of righteousness. We are in a hurry for that time, but You have not been. Yet Your delay is not a sign that You are changing Your mind or will not do as You have promised. What seems to us a delay is merely Your patience and wisdom at work.


Father, help me to rejoice in You. Remind me that. "All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast" (Proverbs 15:15). O Father, I release my feelings of oppression to You. Deliver me from Satan’s attempts to oppress me, from controlling and manipulative people and from perhaps a conscience that is too sensitive and too responsible. Instead, bless me with a cheerful heart that I might have a continual feast.


I remember my marriage (if I am married) and the marriages of my extended families, friends and church families. Lord, hold them together. Helped married couples to lean upon you and to work hard at addressing problems and experiencing harmony. I also pray for those who are divorced, that You would help them to go forward with Your hand in theirs.


Father, sometimes I struggle with doubt. This is not a bad thing, for there would be no room for faith if it were not for the option of doubt. Help me to find answers for my questions. If I cannot, help me be patient. Remind me that because I do not know an answer does not mean no answer exists. Help me not to use doubt as an excuse to sin or to rationalize values inconsistent with Your Word.


Lord, I pray for the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China and its over 5 million people. More than a third of these people are Muslim and less than 2% are born-again evangelicals. I also pray for the Qinghai Province with its 5 million, with perhaps 2% of the population being born-again evangelicals. There are many labor camps in this area, camps where persecuted Christians are living in misery.


Father, be a God of grace and strength for these Christians. Thank You for how the Gospel has spread in these areas; even though the percentage of believers seems low, these numbers represent a significant growth. O Lord, may the number of evangelicals double over the next 7 years, I ask.


Thank You, Lord, for International Messengers, "an evangelical interdenominational missions organization comprised of an international staff team...committed to making disciples of all nations through partnering with local churches to renew, train and mobilize believers for active involvement in reaching the world for Christ." Thank You for their work in Central and Eastern Europe; empower them, provide and protect for them, grant them harmony and unity. Use them, O Lord.


Help me to be zealous for You today, I ask in the Savior’s Name, Amen.



September 22

by Ed Vasicek


Great Heavenly Father,


You are the God Who built up Jerusalem in Your time. You restored the city to her exiles under Ezra and You allowed it to be destroyed in judgment in 70 A.D. You have restored this city to the Jewish people and one day Your Son, our Savior, will reign from Jerusalem. Your calling and Your gifts are irrevocable.


You are the God Who heals the brokenhearted. Lord, so many people are brokenhearted right now as I pray. Bind up their wounds, O Lord. Comfort them as only You can. I know that I too, have and will need Your help. Lord, life is tough with You; the thought of going at it alone without You seems unbearable.


You have determined the number of stars in the universe and You call each of them by name. Billions upon billions of them flicker their distant light, but You never confuse them. I praise, You, O Lord.

My God, help me to be a good steward of the funds with which You provide me. Proverbs 17:18 reads, "Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom." O, Lord, may I be a wise person. Help me be wise in all areas including money management.


Almighty One, like every one of the billions of people who inhabit our world, I am vulnerable. I am a breath away from death and a step away from disaster. So, Lord, please send angels to watch over me and protect me. Keep me from harm and evil of every kind in the physical, relational, and spiritual realms, I ask.


Lord, like everyone else, I have fears and insecurities that haunt me. I give them to You and ask You to help me constantly do so.


Lord, help me to get to know my neighbors where I live and at work or school. Teach me the importance of participating in my community as an avenue to benefit myself and a way to show love to others.


Father, thank You for my senses. In Your grace and goodness, keep them all healthy and help me to appreciate them and use them in ways that please You. Help me to discover the joys of being a human being created in Your image, yet help me to enjoy life in ways consistent with Your revealed will.

Help me with my thought life today. Help me think positive and pleasant thoughts today, thoughts that please You.


Lord, I pray for the Asian nation of Turkmenistan. O Lord, both Sunni Islam and Eastern Orthodoxy are tolerated in this nation, but evangelical Christianity is virtually unknown here. Zero percent of the 5 million people who live in this land are evangelicals. But thank You that the number has grown over the past ten years from 1 or 2 to 600. Lord, I pray that this growth rate would continue over the next several decades! Please use the Jesus film, Christian radio, and the testimony of the few who know You, I ask.


Now use me today, I request in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



September 23

by Ed Vasicek




I praise You with all my heart. I am not ashamed to do so and will praise You with Your people as well as in private. The Great things You do overwhelm me. I think about how You saved me from sin and condemnation, how You have given me Your Spirit and brought me into the blessings of the New Covenant – and how You are preparing a place for me in glory!


And Father, Your character lasts forever. I have outlived I do not know how many "lifetime warranties." But You and Your qualities endure forever. Thank You for providing the world – and me – with food and sustenance. Thank You that You keep Your promises, and that in the future even more dramatically than You have done in the past You will show the nations Your power. Though You are powerful and though I hold You in awe, I do not fear You withdrawing Your promises or being unfaithful. You are completely trustworthy. There is none like You! So help me fear You, that I might learn wisdom, for You are the source of it.


O God, give me discernment when it comes to entertainment. On the one hand, I want to relate to my culture and participate in its good events. On the other hand, some movies, music, etc., harms my soul, my conscience and my mentality. I know You want me to guard my mind. So help me to strike the right balance. Keep my mind actively discerning and help me by Your Spirit, O Lord.


I pray for Christian students in secular colleges throughout our world. Lord, many professors have an anti-Christian agenda and they exploit their position of authority and make it into a bully pulpit, intimidating and deceiving others. O Lord, may professors begin to respect the rights of students and help students remember even when pressed that there is always another side.


Help me to resist temptation and the lures of the Satan today.


Lord, I remember my country's chief executive officer (President, Prime Minister, Secretary General, etc.) and our legislative and congressional branches. May all these leaders favor true and complete religious freedom. We want to be able to peacefully share our faith and live out our convictions; may they respect our rights to do so. Help them to govern with righteousness and equity.


Lord, I pray for the Latin American island nation of Turks & Caicos Islands. Thank You that over a third of its 20 thousand inhabitants claim to be born-again evangelicals, but the temptations are many and licentiousness is common. O Father, help those who know You to walk with You in their daily behavior, I ask.


My King, thank You for the ministry of International Teams, as they minister to "refugees searching for a new home, [in]...evangelism and church planting where there is no community of faith...affirming the dignity of the marginalized...serving the greatest in the Kingdom who often suffer the most [through] children's ministries...ministry to the economically up next generation leaders [through] youth ministries." Thank You for their work in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and the Pacific. Grant them fruit for their labor, harmony amongst themselves, protection, provision and the power of Your Spirit, I ask.


Lord, help me to be a light in my world today, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


September 24

by Ed Vasicek


O Father,


Many imaginary beings are worshiped as God or gods. But You are the only God and the only TRUE God. You are the God of the Bible, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


You are the God Who is loving and faithful. You exalt Your Name, O Yahweh. You exalt Your Name and Your Word above all things (Psalm 138:2). I revere You by studying and meditating upon Your Word. Help me not neglect this most important form of worship!


Lord, I have often called upon You and You have given me the courage I need. I pray that one day the leaders of the world will praise You and take heed to Your Word. I look forward to the time when they will sing Your praises. For, Lord, You are especially gracious to the humble, but more distant from the proud. Therefore, I humble myself before You.


LORD, You have a plan for my life. Some of it is out of my hands; You have determined certain things will happen or place me between impassible boundaries. Other things depend upon my cooperation with You. Help me not to fight You, but to submit to Your will, O Lord.


Lord, I bring my requests before You. I enter Your throne room boldly through the blood of Jesus Christ. My requests include:



Lord, I have much for which to give thanks. A few things I am thankful for include: ______________.


Lord, may Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me this day.


Lord, help me to be a kind person. I did not ask you to help me to be nice for niceness implies being a people-pleaser. Instead You want me to be kind. In being both kind and true, I will indeed win the favor of many people but not all. But more importantly I will please You (Proverbs 3:3-4).

Thank You that my soul will live forever. When my body dies, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. One day when He returns to the clouds, Jesus will resurrect my body into an incorruptible one like His.


Lord, may Your Spirit hover over the Rajasthan State of India with its 53 million people. O Lord, perhaps. .05% of the population claims to be born again and evangelical. Thank You that the church is growing at a big clip and it is my prayer that within the next ten years more than 1% of the population might come to know Christ. Empower the newly planted churches. Grant growing numbers the repentance that leads to life, O Lord.


Lord, thank You for "Interserve...a network of Christians from all over the world who, using their professional skills, work together to serve people of Asia and the Arab world, getting alongside them in tackling material, physical, mental and spiritual needs." Father, bless this ministry; empower them, protect them, provide for them and grant them harmony.


Help me to remember Your presence throughout my day, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



September 25

by Ed Vasicek


My Heavenly Father,


You are the God Who hears me when I cry out to You. I have had times in life when nothing could comfort or help me, when I could not sleep, when my heart was grieved. I remembered better times and Your faithfulness and it reminded me that You would help me through my current troubles because You are a faithful God. It might seem that Your love has vanished, but it is merely hidden for a time. You worked in wondrous ways in days gone by: delivering Israel from Egyptian bondage, resurrecting Your Son, Jesus Christ, from the grave.


In Your holy indignation, You flooded the earth and destroyed all those who breathed the air – except for those preserved on the ark. You destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and brought down the walls of Jericho.


You have worked in my life, redeeming me from the slave market of sin, paying the price of redemption for my sin. You have directed Your wrath toward Your Son Who died in my place, so that I could have His righteousness in exchange for my sin. Lord, to even conceive of such a plan is something I cannot imagine.


And so, Lord, I find myself today dependent upon You. As the hymn writer put it, "I need Thee every hour." And I freely confess that it is so. Thank You that You enjoy being needed. You do not view me as a pest, but You love me with a deep love. Help me to bring my needs before You, but keep me from confusing my needs with my wants.


Lord, I pray for Christians who genuinely know You but have strayed from Your will. You warn us to turn neither to the right nor the left of Your perfect will, but we all have experienced our chosen detours. Some slow us down a bit and we are quickly back on the straight and narrow. Others turn sharply and take us far away from where we need to be.


Today I pray for nations 26 to 30 from the list of the 86 nations where persecutions of evangelical Christians is a problem. I pray for Burma, Libya, Bahrain, Brunei and Turkey. Lord, in some of these nations, it is illegal to share the Christian faith. Those who convert do so at the jeopardy of their life or well being. In some lands, like Turkey, religious freedom is technically espoused, but not necessarily embraced by the population. O Father, stop the persecution. Give the believers wisdom to be able to evade it and help them to find strength in You when they cannot.


Lord, thank You for Iranian Christians International, as they reach out through "friendship and literature evangelism, establishing and strengthening Persian language interdenominational Bible study groups, churches and organizations, Publishing Mojdeh (Good News)...providing counseling, communication, information and referral services and monitoring human rights of Christians in Muslim countries and providing advocacy on their behalf." Protect, prosper and empower this ministry, I ask. May they effectively train others to reach out to the Muslim community. Thank You for the tens of thousands of Iranians who have come to know You.


Protect my loved ones and me today, I pray, in Yeshua's Name, Amen.



September 26

by Ed Vasicek




I sing for joy because You are my strength! When my energy is depleted and my batteries need charging, You enable me to keep going. You give me oil in my lamp that I might keep burning. Father, You do not want me to seek out other gods, but to worship and serve You alone. Many are tempted to literally seek out other gods, as literal idolatry is rampant in our world. Others of us are tempted to put things above You sometimes even good things. But, Lord, You demand to be Number One, for You are a jealous God. When I open my life to You, O Lord, You fill it and satisfy me as a mother bird does her fledglings. Help me to spend time with You, O Lord, and find strength in You.


I pray for my lost friends and family members including: ______________. Father, please send Your Spirit to draw them to Yourself and grant them the repentance that leads to life.


I pray for Christians who are straying from their first love or compromising their walk with You. Rekindle the faith they once professed and help them fervently love the Savior once again. Remove their boring view of serving You and help them see the adventure and fulfillment of walking daily in Your light. Stir up their hearts and help them make the routines of godliness a part of their lives. I especially remember: ______________.


Lord, Your Word says, "A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps" (Proverbs 14:15). Lord, I do not want to be simple or foolish; I want to be wise and prudent. Help me, Lord, to look before I leap, to think things through first. Help me discipline myself to take those few moments to do so and remind me that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Help me to develop a reasonable amount of caution.


Lord, I pray for the small Pacific island nation of Tuvalu with its 11,000 people. Thank You that over 5% are born-again evangelicals. Lord, may this number triple over the next five years.


Thank You, Lord, for the ministry of JAARS. "Through partnerships worldwide, JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people.... Its purpose is to provide high quality technical support services to Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) and to SIL International (SIL). Areas of support include: technology, logistics,, and transportation." Bless and provide for this ministry, I ask; it serves a crucial role in helping Bible translation actually get done and is therefore near and dear to Your heart, O Lord. Protect, prosper and grant harmony to these missionaries, I pray.


Lord, today I remember some of society's most influential people, elementary school teachers, and special education teachers. O Lord, help them to invest their energies wisely in the lives of the young people they touch. May many in these fields come to know You and may the youngsters see Christ in their lives, I pray.


May others see Christ in me today, I ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.



September 27

by Ed Vasicek


Majestic Lord,


I give thanks and praise to You, for Your lovingkindness lasts forever. I cannot tell others of all Your works for they are beyond me in both volume and quality. Your blessing is with those who practice righteousness and You have a special love for those Who are (or will be) in Your family. Thank You for Your favor toward us.


Lord, when I read the history of Israel and how they sinned in the wilderness with their doubts, complaining and hard hearts, I must admit that I am sometimes like them. I love to complain, I find it easy to doubt and sometimes my heart is not as open to You as it should be. You delivered them by opening up the Red Sea and You deliver me in so many ways in some many situations. Thank You for the ultimate deliverance: my new birth which results in my salvation. Thank You that I am a new creation in Jesus Christ. Help me to live accordingly, I ask.


Father, there can be two of me: the normal me and the me in conflict. When I am at odds with others, I can be tempted to be less than fair and objective; I find it easy to reconfigure the past to fit my agenda; I can easily justify self-centeredness and dismiss reasonableness and integrity. O Lord, may the "conflicted me" and the "at peace me" be the same: honest, fair, balanced, willing to admit faults. You only have one Bible, one set of demands. Remind me that I am not "excused of Christian values" just because I am in the midst of conflict. Keep me from viewing those opposed to me as totally evil while viewing those who agree with me as totally good.


O, Lord, please bring help to the hurting, the emotionally wounded and the devastated. Strengthen those stung by disappointment, encourage the demoralized and bind up the emotionally wounded. Especially help: ______________.


Today I pray for the Shaanxi Province of China with its 37 million people. Although estimates of the number of Christians vary from 1% to 10%, that variance itself indicates that the church is growing quickly. O Lord, prosper Your Word in this area! May Your Spirit grant many the repentance that leads to life. May the number of believers double over the next five years and may the government recognize the freedom You give to all people.


Lord, thank You for the ministry of JEMS International. "JEMS has expanded beyond just the Japanese and Japanese Americans. JEMS ministries now includes other Asian Americans...doing the work of evangelism, discipleship, teaching the Word, training, equipping, unifying the believers and churches. JEMS can be described by its four distinctive ministries. international (mission) ministry: Japan and South America...campus ministry: AACF...specialized ministry: Mount Hermon Summer Conference coordination ministry: headquarter staff to provide the support for the field ministries mentioned above." Lord, prosper, provide and protect this ministry. Grant them a great harvest and the power of Your Spirit. May an attitude of harmony prevail within the organization.


Now help me to get along well with others. Keep me from complaining except when I need to confront, I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


September 28

by Ed Vasicek




You are good. You have redeemed me and I am proud to let others know that. You have satisfied my thirsty soul and You have given me of Your Spirit Who produces a never-ending fountain of living waters.


Lord, the frightening times of life remind us how puny and vulnerable we are. Near brushes in car accidents and a host of potential dangers sometimes alert us to our precarious position. At times like that, we remember how badly we need Your hand of safety to protect us. O Lord, please send angels to watch over us and keep us from all harm and evil.


So I praise You, O Lord, for You are my Constant Companion, the Pillar of my life. Make my heart steadfast and help me to praise You, O Lord, for You are worthy of all the praise I can give You. My praises will flow for eternity and even then they will not touch the tip of the iceberg!


Lord, I crave Your wisdom. Your Word declares, "Wisdom strengthens a wise man more than ten rulers who are in a city" (Ecclesiastes 7:19). May I grow in wisdom from day to day until wisdom characterizes my life. Help me be impatient when I show lack of discretion, planning, or realism. May I not rest until I am characterized by wisdom.


Father, help me to remind myself that Jesus Christ is my Lord; I am not my own lord. Jesus said, "A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave above his master." Jesus is both my teacher and my master. Help me consult with Him before I make any major life decision. Although You generally want me to follow the way of wisdom, sometimes You have plans that common wisdom cannot foresee.


Lord, I am thankful for plenty of things. You have been good. Two of the things for which I am thankful include: ______________.


Lord, may Your Spirit may fill me. May I find my strength in His power, not my own. May Your Spirit control me this day.


Lord, today I remember the nations in which believers are persecuted, facing death, dismemberment, torture, rape, sexual abuse, imprisonment, slavery, or confiscation of goods. Today I pray for nations 31-35 from the list of the top 86 nations where persecution is a problem. I pray for: United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, Chechnya, Kuwait and Tajikistan. O Father, may these countries become enlightened in the realm of human dignity and God-given rights including the right all have to choose and practice their religious convictions. May the persecutors themselves be won to faith in Christ, may the governments mandate and enforce the recognition of true religious freedom and help believers by granting them an extra portion of wisdom. Help them to evade persecution when possible and help them to find their strength in You when they cannot do so.


Thank You, Lord, for the ministry of Joy in the Harvest, "a Christian mission dedicated to serving Christ in Africa...whose motto is 'so that they may know Jesus.'" Their stated purpose is "to provide expertise and resources needed by the church in Africa for making Christian disciples." Bless them as they work in various parts of Africa in conjunction with national workers. Prosper their work, provide, protect, grant harmony and much fruit, I pray.


Protect me today, I ask in Jesus’ Name, Amen.




September 29

by Ed Vasicek




You are the great Teacher. Teach me Your way. Give me understanding so that I might obey Your precepts. Empower me to do Your will, incline my heart to follow You. I cannot motivate myself, for my flesh is not compatible with Your holy nature. Your Spirit within me and the new nature You have given me – Lord, with His help – my heart can be more wholly and more often Yours.


Father, help me to turn my eyes away from that which tempts me or distracts me from the priorities You have for my life. I want my longing for You and Your Word to grow stronger, not become weaker. I want to tell others about You, to have answers to those who ask me questions, to experience the freedom of a life aligned with Your Word and a conscience that is clear. I want to frequently consider my ways and make adjustments to conform to Your will.


Today I pray for criminals who are imprisoned. Lord, many people "get religion" while in jail, but soon abandon You once they are released. But sometimes, Lord, You turn someone around; they take the time to reflect upon the condition of their souls, they come to saving faith and continue to walk with You. Lord, work in hearts as You see fit.


I also pray for mixed-up friends and acquaintances. Some people seem to vacillate and I sometimes wonder if they are genuine; they seem so sincere and convincing at times. Help me to minister to such people, but not to entrust myself to them. Help me learn from Jesus’ example (John 2:24).

Lord, help me to be alert to the devil’s schemes. He and his demons roam about bent on destruction and postured against Your kingdom. Bind Satan, put a hedge around my loved ones and me, and help me to take up Your armor today.


Father, I have some personal health concerns including: ______________. I also pray for the physical, mental, or spiritual health of others including: ______________. I ask for Your will to be done in each situation.


Thank You, Lord, for Your work in the African nation of Uganda. I praise You, Lord, that almost half the population claims to be born-again evangelicals and there are other born-again Christians in non-evangelical denominations as well. Thank You that the incidents of AIDS have been cut in half and that the church is strong. I pray for the yet unreached peoples and for the continued maturing of the church. Father, I pray that the evangelical movement would not only hold its own, but also grow even stronger. I pray that the believers would live out their faith and that You would bless with them with spiritual blessings and material blessings. Help the economy to grow and make Uganda a lighthouse to the continent, I pray.


Father, thank You for the ministry of LATCOM. "LATCOM commits to working in cooperation with other evangelical organizations and churches by focusing on training, equipping and motivating their leaders for the task of reaching their countries with the gospel. As much as possible, LATCOM will seek to develop leaders and organizations that are self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating." Bless their work throughout Latin America. Prosper them, protect them, guide them, grant them harmony and empower them by Your Spirit, I ask.


I commit my day to You, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen


September 30

by Ed Vasicek


Father of Lights,


I live in the shelter of Your wings. It’s not that you have literal wings, for You are Spirit (John 4:24). But, nonetheless, You are the God Who shelters His children as a hen does her young. As Boaz told Ruth, "May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge" (Ruth 2:12).


You are my shield, my home away from home, my constant protector and refuge. Life has its twists and turns; it meanders here and curves there and I never know what surprises await me. But You are there for me, You are ahead of the curve, You know the beginning from the end. You have always known everything that would ever happen.


I know there is a special blessing that comes from praying with others. This might include family members who know You, friends from church, or fellow Christians at work, school, or in the neighborhood. We know You are uniquely present where two or three gather in the Name of Jesus (Matthew 18:19-20).


Father, help parents throughout our world. Although I pray especially for the parents who know You, I pray for all parents. Motivate them to do what is in the best long-term interest of their child or children. Keep them from abusing their children and from spoiling them. May parents take seriously the responsibility to be a good example, to keep their marriages together when possible and to nurture their child’s/children’s moral education. Give parents great wisdom to face the challenges of the modern world. We pray that more and more parents would surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.


Help me to do my part by volunteering to serve or continuing to serve in a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church. May I set my roots down deeply and attend every week if I am able to do so.


Your Word tells me that if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me of them, and You will cleanse me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). So I bring my sins before You now. I do not excuse them, but I freely admit them and ask for Your forgiveness.


Today I pray for the Sikkim State of India with its 500,000 people. Thank You that 5% of the population claim to be evangelical Christians and thank You that the church is growing mightily. I also praise You that the Christians are freer from the fear of persecution than they were a few years ago. May the percentage of evangelical Christians double over this decade, I pray.


Thank You, my God, for the ministry of Love A Child, a ministry that operates in Haiti and is "a Christian humanitarian organization sharing the message of God's love with children in extreme poverty." Bless those who sponsor a child and we pray that the love of Christ would transform lives! Bless, provide for and empower this ministry, I ask.


Lord, bless those who work as emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Help them to do their work well and give them skill, wisdom and strength beyond their own abilities. Help those who know Christ to share their faith with fellow workers.


Use me today, I pray in Christ’s Name, Amen.

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