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Ed Vasicek is a Bible-believing evangelical Christian, husband, father, grandfather and pastor who lives a full life.  Originally from the Chicago area, Ed has served in the pastorate since 1979, when he graduated with his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute. Ed did some graduate work with San Diego Bible College and Seminary, but continued his own course of education, eventually targeting many of his studies toward the Jewish Roots of the New Testament and related theological issues.

Ed pastored the Victory Bible Church of Chicago from mid-1979 through late 1983.  He and his wife, Marylu, then relocated to Kokomo, Indiana, where Ed served the Highland Park Church for 39 years, retiring near the end of 2022.  He has preached over 3,000 sermons and probably taught as many lessons.  About one thousand of his detailed sermon outlines are available at, click HERE!  to view them.

He now fills pulpits (preaches when a pastor is ill, on vacation, or when a church is between pastors), writes like crazy, and continues to serve the kingdom in a variety of ways.  He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Kokomo Park Band.


After moving to Kokomo, Ed and Marylu were blessed with two children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and wonderful son-in-law - and four grandchildren.


Ed has many, many interests, and some of those are reflected on this site. He is a student of Scripture, theology, and, as noted, Jewish Roots. He occasionally speaks as a guest at the Messianic Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Indianapolis. He has authored two Jewish Roots books, "The Midrash Key" and "The Amazing Doctrines of Paul As Midrash," available through Amazon.


Ed enjoys writing in a variety of genres, and writes a weekly column for the Opinion Page of the Kokomo Tribune; since 1999 over 1100 columns have been published; sometimes his columns appear in other papers in the chain. Ed also enjoy writing prayers. Ed is currently writing a murder mystery fiction book.

Ed enjoys cooking, especially internationally. He is like a mad scientist with his multi-cabinet herb and spice collection. The Vasicek family cookbook is a combination of his and Marylu's recipes, free for downloading!


He loves (and collects) jokes, old time radio shows, the music of the 20's and 30's, and even boasts about his international stamp collection.  His favorite past times is playing with the grandkids. Ed also plays the concertina, a "squeeze-box" simple instrument in the accordion family.

Besides reading books related to Scripture, theology, or Jewish Roots, Ed enjoys a good "who done it" mystery -- both in book form and on TV. He enjoys going to a Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball game, and occasionally follows the White Sox -- but only when they have a winning season!  Ed also loves to play (non-gambling) card games, loves the Three Stooges and the voice of Al Jolson. He is the biggest fan of his wife's pottery, water colors, sketches, and other artwork.

Ed and Marylu have a history of ballroom dancing, and may take up this social grace once again in retirement. We shall see.

I hope you find some encouragement while perusing this site!

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