Ed Vasicek is a Bible-believing evangelical Christian, American, husband, father, grandfather and pastor.  Originally from the Chicago area, Ed has served as a pastor since 1979, when he graduated with his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute.

He pastored the Victory Bible Church of Chicago from mid-1979 through late 1983.  He and his wife, Marylu, then relocated to Kokomo, Indiana, where Ed has served the Highland Park Church (since December 1, 1983) and is still serving.

After moving to Kokomo, Ed and Marylu were blessed with two children, Hannah and Luke. 


Ed has many interests, and some of those are reflected on this site.  He loves God's Word, the Bible, and has written a couple of books on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament (his special field of interest).  Ed has written a weekly column for the Opinion Page of the Kokomo Tribune since 1999 (over 1,000 columns), and sometimes his columns appear in other papers owned by the chain (in Indiana and other states).  Ed also enjoy writing prayers.  He loves (and collects) jokes, cooking, old time radio, the music of the 20's and 30's, and even stamp collecting.  He loves to play with the grandkids. 

I hope you find some encouragement while perusing this site!

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