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Read and Feed 2021

Read the Word to Feed Your Soul!

Read through the Bible with us in 2021!

Takes about 12 minutes per day.


When was the last time you read through your entire Bible? Ever? A decade ago? If you have read the Bible more than once, you know that there is so much to forget, and you will notice things you didn’t notice your last read. A quick read through is important: every so often, we need to get a glimpse of the forest. We need to recalibrate.


We make it easy for you in the following ways:


1. You can use whatever version you wish.


2. You can listen through parts or all of the Bible. You can listen online via For a modest price, you can order a Bible stick (CEV) with the entire Bible on an MP3 player here:, or free downloads at the same site.


3. We will count any Bible reading done in 2020 for the 2021 program. You might want to read some of the books that people get bogged down in first, like Leviticus, Jeremiah, or Ezekiel. We don’t care what order you read them in. Then, if you get behind a little, you have a buffer. Work ahead early on as much as you can, because you will likely have times during the year when things are insanely busy.


4. We provide you with choices in Bible reading schedules, or you can find your own online. Our concern is that you read once through every chapter in the Bible (except for genealogies or lists). You will find these as PDF documents.


Schedule A is a combo of Old and New Testament with a Psalm every day. They repeat the Psalms twice over the period of a year, you do not need to do that. That will give you a buffer for the final stretch.


Schedule B is a straight read through, beginning in Genesis.

Schedule C is a special schedule for those who think reading through the Bible in a year is too ambitious for them. This will take you through about a third of Bible, including only highlight chapters selected by Pastor Ed. This is much better than not participating and will familiarize you with much of the Bible, at only one chapter per day.

Schedule D is reading through the Bible in the order in which events happened, a chronological order. It integrates the Psalms with the historical books and the prophets.

Schedule E is probably best to hold interest and for variety. On Sunday, you read from the Epistles, Monday, the Law, Tuesday the historical books, Wednesday the Psalms, Thursday other poetry, Friday the Prophets and prophecy, and Saturday The Gospels and Acts.


5. When it comes to genealogies or lists of names and land allotments –or other lists, simply skim very quickly over the text or feel free to skip that portion. When it comes to tabernacle or temple measurements, for example, feel free to skim quickly.


6. This program is meant to help you read through the Bible, adding the group dynamic of the rest of us trying to do the same. Use your best judgment if you have other questions – this is not like an exam or college class, but a structure to help nurture your soul. There is nothing rigid about this.




  • Before you read/listen, ask God to help you understand and apply the Scriptures to your life. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide you.

  • After you read a chapter, you might put a check mark or some other mark in front of the chapter so you can keep track of “out of order” reading.

  • Don’t stress about what you don’t understand, focus on what you do.

  • Download a Bible app on your phone (like Blue Letter Bible) so you can read while in the waiting room, etc.

  • If you want to find answers to difficult verses or ones that raise questions, you might find answers in a good study Bible (like the ESV Study Bible) or online at: .


Dr. Thomas Constable’s free commentaries (HERE), and David Guzik’s notes (HERE) are solid, reliable sources and also free.


Pastor Ed will gladly try to answer your questions. Feel free to email him at the church or nab him.

If you get sleepy, try reading standing up. Or choose to listen instead. Or change the times when you read/listen.


Get a running start and let’s read through the Word together!


After 2021 is over, we will have a sign-up sheet for those of you who succeeded to be given a small token to remind you of our completed reading/listening. This is not an ego boost, but a great encouragement to the other folks here at HPC.


NOTE: To prepare for Read and Feed 2021 (reading thru Bible), we allow any 2020 reading to count.

Read Leviticus NOW, please. As Dr. Thomas Constable puts it, "It's often the place where Christians who determine to read through the Bible in a year give up..." IMO, the other book is Jeremiah, then Ezekiel. If nothing else, I suggest you get through Leviticus by the end of 2020.

Find PDF schecules of A, B, C, D, and E

   A      B     C      D       E    

Also see, "Before You Read Through the Bible;"   Click HERE! (on this site)

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